5 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders Was Sort of a Handsome Man in His Youth”

  1. There’s this picture going viral of a youthful Bernie Sanders hanging out with Che Guevara and Fidel Castro. Must be cool if true….more respect for the man.

    Even in his youth, Comrade Bernie used to look rather old for his age.

  2. Robert- He is your twin. Please tell me you haven’t felt this! I have told so many people- your profile picture is a dead ringer for Bernie in the 60s-70s.

  3. If the election turns out to be a referendum on health, he will win. We need the same kind of healthcare system all western societies have except the US.

    Here we have a predatory, for-profit corporate health care system stealing the net worth of most but the wealthiest Americans when they inevitably become sick like all human beings will eventually. Not to mention how much money from your healthcare bill gets funneled into the advertising industry.

    Really, as if you can just go into Walmart and buy some Cosentix, Requip, or Humera same as an iPhone? There are the generic scams or scams to keep 50-year old medicines still under patent. I found out first hand. Delzicol, for instance, costs $700 a month for something that should be $8. The whole thing is scammy.

    Predatory capitalism is also preying on middle America with all these MLM frauds that are allowed to operate. Some coworker’s girlfriend bought $2,000 worth of rubber dicks collecting dust in their garage on the false premise you could get rich selling these things to your friends.

    The phony for-profit schools the Frontline episode “Subprime Education” covered charging the same amount for tuition as Harvard for a fake-ass degree from a 1-800 number school that advertises on Maury. A dummy at work who doesn’t belong in college got fleeced by one because he thought they would make him a TV executive.

    A $7.25 minimum wage you can’t survive on. All these companies running a whole mega-mart such as a local Grand Rapids-based Walmart wannabe chain that runs their whole operation on 300 part-time workers. Nobody can get full-time or benefits.

    We definitely need the United Food and Commercial Workers to come in here. They may not get huge pay but in areas they have closed-shop, businesses can only have a small proportion of their staff part-time and also have to offer benefits to their full-time workers.

    Problem is Sanders is also a goofball who believes in full Marxism and praising Cuba, etc. when we know full state-run economics doesn’t work. As if the government should make TVs, cellphones, and Star Wars action figures. We just need a government that reigns in those with psychopathic personalities and sets rules so the average citizen can have a fair economic life.

    We would also need cheap oil if Medicare for All came in as that would be a huge stressor on the economy, and the last thing we need are crackpot green policies causing gas to go to $8 a gallon. There is nothing wrong with my Honda Accord. Carbon is a far-off hypothetical threat that would be best dealt with by building more nuclear plants so our electricity could be generated without fossil fuels. The Green New Deal is insane.

    The wild card with this coronavirus epidemic is whether ens of millions of people be facing bankruptcy due to a run-in with the corporate, for-profit health care industry if they come down with the virus in the near future? This would certainly make healthcare the top issue, with Sanders being the person people trust most to look after their interests.

  4. Always the problem with capitalism is monopoly, and Fox News can’t explain this one away, so they don’t mention it.

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