Funny Responses on Stormfront

In a discussion about SJWs:

I bet you’re ugly


In a discussion about a friend down on his luck:

So is he also a libtard?


Finally the guy tries to be civilized and make peace:

Thanks for the apology – now would you leave?



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2 thoughts on “Funny Responses on Stormfront”

  1. I have a feeling they aren’t real people but bots. Never saw actual adult human beings talk in that manner.

    On a side note, I’m a little confused about this grammar topic for plurals.

    In a discussion about SJWs:

    On Queera and a few other sites, they will often write that word as SJW’s. Isn’t that an object of preposition? Looks like SJW-era grammar rules to me, since I’m seeing it used so frequently. Also on Reddit.

    1. The third one was where he was saying I was apologizing for being a “little bastard” (something like that) and then he added that line – or some slight variation.

      The first two lines were actual comments by a major member on the forum. I don’t think they varied much from what I wrote. It might been exactly what was said.

      Yeah, it sounds retarded – like something from kids – but that’s how they talk.

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