Coming Crash – I Knew It Was Coming

It’s just Economics 101. I’ve been studying these conspiracy books/websites about coming economic crashes in the US, except they’re not really conspiracies because a future economic crash here is inevitable. As I said, Economics 101.

The culprit? The Coronavirus – Eeeeekkkk!!!  In fact, it’s plummeting stocks right now and is probably the only hope the Democrats have in being sure of winning the election.

It goes like this: when things get hot, eventually they burn out. Now the US economy is hot and is priming for a crash, but it needed a catalyst and a something to force it over the cliff, and that’s the Coronavirus.

Indeed, as a Fox News reporter commented recently (not his exact words), the Coronavirus is the needle that pricks the bubble.

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2 thoughts on “Coming Crash – I Knew It Was Coming”

  1. Yeah, some downtimes would just be a diet ha ha.

    Well, in the US even the people in the projects are fat – no joke.

    1. Ah yes, America, land of the “fat poor.” I’m sure those starving Dalits would love to trade places with the American poor.

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