People Giving Away Free Stuff

Free stuff is awesome and how we love those giving it away – assuming it’s worth even a little.

However, though, the disturbing side – is the fact it can make it tough on people trying to make a living.  In fact, the public could be so spoiled by free stuff, that they won’t even pay – rock-bottom prices – for even quality stuff.

Do you feel “freebies” have made lives miserable?    Well, some capitalists might argue this – and they have a point, but that doesn’t mean capitalism is always good.

Alt Left: It’s Possible to Be So Good That You are Bad!

The SJW’s are obnoxious and even wicked because they are too good. That’s the bitter truth. You can be so good that you are basically evil! Think of stern Puritans in New England, Dante staring down at every citizen as a sinner in 15th Century Florence, and even fundamentalist Muslims, the main problem of whom once again is that they are too good for the most part. Shariah Law expects you to be too good. That’s why it’s downright evil!

If some stern religious policeman is beating me up for looking at a woman or a radical feminist is firing me from my job for doing the same thing, in both cases I am being persecuted for acting like a human being and not being enough of a goody good choirboy. I’ma call the guy who is beating me up and the bitch who got me fired evil scum, sorry. Sanctimonious people who expect everyone to be saints are actually so good that they’re bad!

Most Nations and Peoples Are Jew-Wise; Only Whites Are Not and It Took the Holocaust to Get Us to This Place

Polar Bear: You’re damn right about America. I believe Satanic Jews dominate the Illuminati. These Satanic Jews likely hate religious Jews. So indeed not every Jew gets the check. I don’t believe the SJ’s can be as overt in the Middle East and Asia.

Jews wear the pants in the West; Chinese acknowledge this fact. Jews are at least belly dancing and putting on their Geisha face to entice royals further east. A Saudi prince or hook-nose Japanese royal may be more inclined to bend the knee.

They might make alliance with them, but Saudis and Japanese will never allow themselves to get cucked by the Jews like we did. Arabs and Japanese are 100% Jew-wise. Really, everyone except Europeans is Jew-wise. Arabs. South Asians. Russians, etc. Central Asians. Africans. SE Asians. NE Asians.

Literally nobody on Earth puts up with shit from the Jews like in the West do, and it took the Holocaust for us to get cucked like this. We cucked ourselves out of extreme guilt because regardless of our terrible behavior, we are ultimately good people.

Alt Left: The SJW’s Have It Wrong: Whites are Not the Worst People on Earth; Instead They Are the Best People on Earth

Examples: Americans feel bad about slavery and the American Indian genocide and have frankly already made significant reparations in all sorts of ways to both groups.

Don’t listen to Indian and Black SJW race hustlers. No one other than Whites would have sacrificed so much of their self-interest and behaved as altruistically towards formerly exploited groups as Whites have.

Show me one other group of people anywhere on Earth that has acted out this much guilt and self-abnegation and been so giving and even self-sacrificing towards people they used to exploit. You won’t find one single group of people anywhere on that has done that to anywhere near the extent that Whites have.

The SJW’s and Black and Indian race hustlers have it all wrong. Instead of being the worst people on Earth, Whites are actually the best people on Earth. And not for any of the reasons the White Supremacists say.

Alt Left: White Supremacists Are the Worst Whites and White SJW’s Are the Best Whites

The White Supremacists are actually highly degenerate and backwards Whites. They want to go back to the backwards, barbaric and frankly un-White behavior that we used to engage in and that the whole non-White world continues to engage in.

White liberals and Leftists, who bizarrely hate Whites, promote the best White behavior of all and in a sense are the best Whites of them. In fact, they are almost too good. They are the equivalent of the guilt-ridden neurotic who thinks they are the most terrible people on Earth when in fact they never do anything wrong and live their lives like saints.

The White Supremacists instead are like psychopaths and Cluster B types – they are the worst humans of all.

The Best People Feel the Worst and the Worst People Feel the Best

A lot of nations and peoples commit genocide. Genocide is almost normal human behavior. But good people and nations feel bad after they Holocaust a group. Sometimes it takes them a bit of civilizing to get there, but get there they do.

These psychological types act the worst of all but feel no guilt. As an example, psychopaths are wildly aggressive and show absolutely zero guilt. Obsessionals on the other hand, are the least aggressive people on Earth and are overwhelmed with guilt. This seems bizarre until I learned this in my counseling practice.

The best people feel the worst. The worst people feel the best. Why the Hell do good people feel bad? Because it is their extreme guilt itself which keeps them acting good! Why to bad people feel great? Because it is precisely their lack of guilt which makes them act so bad!

It seems totally confounding until you sit down and think about it.

This is also why I think clinicians attacking their clients’ guilt and self-help types urging us to get rid of our guilt are worse than charlatans. Not only will their tactics achieve their goals – the theory is that ridding someone of guilt will make them a better person – but actually backfires and makes people worse, so it’s iatrogenic. They claim to make better people by dissolving people’s sense of guilt but instead they are making people worse.

One of the first things I do with my clients, who typically come to me overwhelmed with guilt, is to congratulate them for their extreme sense of guilt and conscience. I also tell them that their guilt is what is creating their illness, so too much guilt is not necessarily a good things. But I tell them that the very reason that are ill in the first place is because they are good people. In fact, they are actually too good!

Yes, it is indeed pathological to be too good. Former Jew Catholic convert and virtual saint Simone Weil starved herself to death during World War 2. The world was a very evil place then, and Weil was simply too good for this world, so she checked out.

And like Weil, I tell my clients that their problem is that they are good people in a bad world, and worse that they are simply too good for their own good. There’s no reaso to be a saint and being too good can actually lead to social pathology because we simply did not evolve to be saints. In fact, in the past, primitive people who were too good probably were the first to get killed.

Enemies of WNs can be Obnoxious Also

However, it’s understandable in a weird way.  Well, I don’t like gays wanting to teach “It’s o.Kay – to be gay.” to 5-year olds, but then again, I still don’t see these activists in the same light as white supremacists.

Anyway, at a lower level, who really cares about annoying date-rape accusers or lesbians trying to get back at men?  I don’t care.  I wouldn’t even see these people – if I wasn’t at some state university.

Blacks and other so-called “lower IQ groups”?  

They’re not much a threat – assuming you got enough education to get away from the worst ones.  However, as mentioned – WNs put themselves in a position of being around the worst ones – and also the ones that don’t – are sadists who get off on hate anyway – despite good incomes (case in point: some activist retired from the military or a civilian company).


Social Isolation is a Joke

Well, Wal-Mart has lines of people “not observing the 6-space rule or whatever”.  Also, it’s not observing social crowds of 10 or less – cause obviously it was filled with – at least 500 customers today probably – and that was just a snapshot of one moment in time!

Anyway, also with Wal-Mart is the grocery stores – with similar stories.

If they really had balls – they’d ban Wal-Mart, grocery stores – only allowing access to Dollar Stores – and then there would have to be reservations to get in them – or they can do the reservation thing with Wal-Mart, Target etc.. grocery stores.

But with balls – comes the panic and rebellion.  The society can’t handle it; they’d have to bring in the military and police – truly making slaves of us!

White Nationalists and the “Mouth Problem”

As we noted, they’re all into the fun politics of bashing other people, bullying people – and this, of course, means they’re a rather “mouthy” bunch who can’t shut up – kind of like an obnoxious class clown we all loved.

Of course, this means they like Trump  – cause he’s a “mouthy” alpha.

But should people – really shut up?  Well, the obnoxiousness from Stromfront would compare to the shit smell from a pig farm!

But it’s all fun – but a really “sensitive type” – well, they don’t even have to be that – can sense the massive evil – like a bunch of brats needing the woodshed.  Bottom line – SHUT UP.

Shut Up – You Cunt!

Always the answer from white nationalist types – and others.  But seriously, it’s often done by people refusing to accept responsibility for their own actions, and the truth hurts.

However, there are cunts who are asking for it.  Well, there is  a way to “sugarcoat” language – and sometimes the bitching against people – is not justified – as it’s thrown against people – who truly don’t deserve it.

But, ultimately, calling people cunts is fun – because white nationalist types are a blast to be around – with all their bullying.

Working for a Biz – Running a Biz isn’t Easy

Yep, nobody owes you nothing – and if you’re some macho blue-collar red, white, blue white guy (or some other ethnicity) don’t think your bright idea will lead to success or even just “getting by”.

In fact, if working, you’re competing against better workers maybe – and if you’re a business, you’re competing against better businesses maybe.

Where does populism fit in?  Well, it could be a scapegoat – for those who haven’t upped the game.

College?   The world of college-needed jobs is no different.  In fact, as we all know, tons of college grads are working jobs – pretty much beneath them.

Let Them Eat Education

But seriously, the whiners, the lazy, the people with massive failures  (drug abuse, prison time, wife beating) – but a bad attitude about it – flock toward white nationalism which gives them a convenient scapegoat.

But, of course, it’s not right to leave countries in ruin – expecting foreigners to move to the US.  That’s wrong  – but let’s really look at the immigration thing in perspective.  Also, let’s look at black crime in perspective – seeing that a good education – college – or at least vocational – will certainly keep scared white people from ghetto criminals.  However, though, of course, the white nationalist is engrossed in populism – and will never want to accept responsibility – for the fact he/she, them-self, has caused the situation.

But the big joke is that white nationalists are always calling enemies – sellouts, pussies (Well, all nationalists actually) – when, they, themselves are people never accepting responsibility for lack of education.

But, as @Robert Lindsay explained – another huge thing with nationalism – is the fun.  These people literally are having a good ole time, even more than that – bullying enemies.  So I take the main problem is there just a bunch of sadists – who simply don’t want face the truth – cause it would poop the party 😆

Racial Hatred More Powerful than Sex Addiction

It could be true – in many cases!  I mean, come on, why would anyone – really want puritanical governments – when they can have web cam world 24/7?  Anyway, I’m not saying some puritans are not coming from a true heart – but I really believe many are sadists – who love hate so much, it dwarfs the sex drive.

Note: I speak of racial hatred – but really I mean any kind of drive to suppress human beings – other than in an sexual environment.

But, is it possible to be a puritan – without hate?  Sure, but I think – more than not – it isn’t.  That’s why religious people are always slammed with the “self-righteous” label.


Nation is Way too Fragile for Terrorism

We’ve seen that Covid-19 has brought the US to ruin – only to be rescued – but I’d say it’s highly probable it cannot be rescued twice and especially three times.  What then?   Well, it would certainly turn into some Info-Wars hell-hole – with gun toting he-men dominating the landscape – along with a totalitarian government – until it’s finally stretched thin.

Anyway, it’s amazing America was brought down so fast – in just one month – from a booming economy to the brink of collapse.

White Supremacist Plotting to Bomb a Coronavirus Hospital

How pathetic! I mean, why not an Army platoon or at least a small town police department?

The Federal Bureau of Investigation announced on Wednesday evening that a white supremacist was killed while they trying to take him into custody — and that he was intent on bombing coronavirus victims.

Timothy Wilson, 36, was “actively planning to commit an act of domestic terrorism — a bombing — and over the course of several months had considered several targets,” reports the FBI.

Sources familiar with the investigation told ABC News that Wilson had decided on a hospital full of coronavirus victims as his target and showed up armed to pick up a fake explosive supplied by federal agents.

“Wilson considered various targets and ultimately settled on an area hospital in an attempt to harm many people, targeting a facility that is providing critical medical care in today’s environment.

Wilson had taken the necessary steps to acquire materials needed to build an explosive device. At all times during the investigation, the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force kept close track of Wilson in order to protect public safety” said the FBI’s Kansas City Field Office.

Wilson was known to have “espoused white supremacist ideology” and “made a threat that if any agent attempted to [search his property] they should ‘bring a lot of body bags.’”

Indo-European = White Is Bad Theory

Earliest Whites in the world today are Berbers. In Europe, Estonians seem to have the most WHG DNA. Anatolian farmers and later PIE then flooded Europe. Sardinians are damn near pure Anatolian farmer. A lot of North Euros are high in PIE. I give Lithuanians the trophy but it’s a tight race.

Berbers or Lapps (Saami). Sardinians are also very ancient, as ancient as the Saami. Arabs are quite ancient too. Those Getstonedians (sp?) must have Saami blood. Saami go back 9,000 years. There’s a good argument that the Saami are the original White Europeans. You see any White Nationalists claiming the Saami, much less the Berbers. At best those are called off-Whites if they are polite, mongrels when they are not.

Actually though the first Europid types came out of the Arab World ~12,000 YBP. Notice how much White Nationalists hate Arabs? They can hate away, but Arabs are truly the original Europids or Whites.

Classic White features like blond and red hair and blue and green eyes go back to Finland 8,000 YBP.

If you are going to do the PIE = White thing, I think you are going to run into some problems. Everyone from Evola to Hitler to Hindufash want to do this, but I think it’s bad theory. Anyway, the first IE people were Anatolians. You hear any Mighty Whities claiming Ashkenazi Jews, Turks, and Kurds? Those are the remains of the  original Anatolians. Now those are some of the first real Whites!

LOL @ White nationalists when it comes out Jews are the remains of some of the original European Whites!

Americans are Jewcucked and Deserve Every Bit of Exploitation and Abuse We Get from These People

Polar Bear: I think NWO members have to listen to Jews on some level. Waters become murkier when you get into the higher levels. Asians are more independent than White Gentiles, that’s for sure.

First of all, there is no Jewish Central Control that controls the whole world. Obviously a lot of Jews would love that to be true, but it just isn’t. There is no worldwide Jewish conspiracy. Every Jew doesn’t get a check from Jewish Central Control every month. Yes, Jews in the West have a lot of money and power. Wealthy and powerful Jews really like to throw their weight around, Bill Gates style. You will be assimilated to American Jews. Resistance is futile

But on a worldwide scale, Jews have a Hell of a lot less power than everyone thinks they do.

Chinese are not NWO members. They don’t give a flying fuck about Jews. Neither do Arabs, Muslims, Russians, Black Africans, SE Asians. Lots of people on Earth don’t give a flying fuck about Jews, don’t particularly like them, and are certainly not in hock or slaves to their bullshit. You think rich Arabs and Muslims listen to Jews? LOL. You think rich Poles and Russians listen to Jews and their crap? LOL.

Contrary to popular lie, you don’t have to suck up to Jews and kiss their ass to survive and make it in this world. Hundreds of millions of people all over the world don’t really like Jews very much, could care less about them, and certainly laugh if you said they had to obey them.

The Jews have the West (mostly the US and UK) by the balls because we let them do this to us and because we like Jews blackmailing us to do their bidding. When it comes to Jews, US Gentile Whites are utterly pathetic. Stockholm Syndrome all the way. We love our oppressors who blackmail us and we let them take over our whole damn system, while we cheered all the time. We deserve to have our asses owned by Jews. Fuck us harder, Jews! Harder, harder, harder, dammit!

Any sane people is somewhat anti-Semitic. If you’re not at least a bit anti-Semitic, you’re partly crazy because you don’t care about your own self and letting other people pathetically own your worthless ass.

Americans gave up their mild anti-Semitism, and look what happened. The Jews owned us lock, stock, and barrel! We are total masochistic subs when it comes to the Jews, and Jews are our sadistic doms. We can’t get enough of their abuse.

The only solution to this mess is for Americans to become somewhat more anti-Semitic, like all sane people the world over. It’ll never happen though because Americans, like my parents, are Jew-lovin’ fools!

I’d cry but I am actually laughing because we’re so stupid about Jews that we deserve all the fucking we got by these people.

LOL @ American Jewcucks!

Why PC Has to Exist

Imagine if Corona is a Chinese bioweapon, which I highly suspect it is. It would still be suicide for the media to widely say it is. It’s because people believe whatever they read (or see)! It would be vastly wrong to take out on Asian-Americans or Asians stuff that was dreamed up by an Asian psychotic minority.

The same is true with African Americans. WNs are constantly criticizing the liberal “soft” media on how it won’t report on Black crime with the harshness they think matches the truth. But what if they did? It would be pretty scary.

I think people hanging around the worst Blacks pretty much know what they’re getting into, so, sad to say, they have it coming. I don’t think the liberal media and Hollywood have told strong enough lies to really fool a white woman who was eventually thrown in a dumpster dead.

Shocking Real Quotes from Chinese General

Only by using non-destructive weapons that can kill many people will we be able to reserve America for ourselves. There has been rapid development of modern biological technology, and new bioweapons have been invented one after another. Of course, we have not been idle…we are capable of achieving our purpose of ‘cleaning up’ America all of a sudden.

Would the United States allow us to go out to gain new living space? First, if the United States is firm in blocking us, it is hard for us to do anything significant to Taiwan, Vietnam, India, or even Japan, [so] how much more living space can we get? Very trivial! Only countries like the United States, Canada and Australia have the vast land to serve our need for mass colonization.

Was he on acid or something?

It may seem difficult to believe, but Gen. Chi considered himself to be a “humanitarian” communist and therefore admitted to mixed personal feelings on this matter: “I sometimes think how cruel it is for China and the United States to be enemies…”

After all, he noted, America helped China in World War II. Chinese people remember that America opposed Japanese imperialism. But none of that matters now. “In the long run,” said Gen. Chi, “the relationship of China and the United States is one of a life-and-death struggle.” This tragic situation must be accepted. According to Gen. Chi, “We must not forget that the history of our civilization repeatedly has taught us that one mountain does not allow two tigers to live together.”

Oh, the sweetheart – this sounds about as stupid as some WN humanitarian explanation of African slavery.

Alt Left: What Will Be the Future Post-Coronavirus?

Rishi Ji: This blog has been my companion and a source of intellectual nourishment since 2012. I go around posting links on India and Hinduism all over YouTube, and I bet Robert gets a lot of hits through that alone (rabid Indians coming over). I demand, in these tough times that Robert pay me a small amount of money (Just kidding hehe).

On a serious note what do you guys think the future is gonna be like? Can Robert create a topic on this subject? This virus has had a traumatic effect on us as a species the likes of which I doubt have ever been seen. Bigger than 9/11 or even WW2 in my opinion.

What will be the future once (hoping) things resume? Will there be a renewed kindling of all people or we will revert back to the same baloney we were used to? Will China be held accountable in any way?

Surely globalization as a concept will take a hit. I would love a topic- a philosophical one on this subject here. Last month this time I was chilling with my joint pondering which game to play on my PS4, and now it looks like the apocalypse. Robert- you fear death? You are above 60, does the thought enter your mind?

Great comment from Rishi Ja here.

I will let the rest of you all use the comments section to comment about the important questions that Rishi is bringing up.

Thing about aging is you start to think about death a lot. I think about it all the time, pretty much every day and even quite a few times throughout the day. It’s not a terrifying thought like it used to be, so I suppose I have come to some peace about it. It’s not really depressing either. It’s hard to say what I think about it. I just do is all. It’s hard to explain.

It really is good to frame your mortality in your mind as you go about your life. Ideally, it should enable you to try to get as much out of life as possible.

Of course I am very worried about this virus. But I’m a bastard and a rebel, and I pretty much rebel against everything, in part because I’m sort of an asshole, and nobody tells me to do anything. As a matter of fact, I have a date tomorrow and a hot young 22 year old cutie says she’s driving up here to visit me. She’s 40 years younger than me! She explicitly stated that she wants to fuck when she gets here.

We are all supposed to be quarantining, but I will make an exception for dating. I don’t think dating is a big deal. Dating is one on one and that’s not a huge risk. The real risk is crowds. Not only that but close contact with infected people. Close contact has been defined as 10+ minutes within 6 feet or closer to an infected person.

85% of cases in China were spread within the family inside of the house. So prolonged close contact with an infected person seems to be the way it is going. Obviously some people get it outside the house and bring it back, very close prolonged contact follows, and that’s what really spreads it bigtime.

I don’t have any symptoms. Well I do, but they are due to allergies (cough) and asthma (shortness of breath). I know these symptoms very well, and I am certain that the COVID-19 symptoms are quite different.

I am keeping my fingers crossed. People are social distancing in lines at the grocery store. Workers all wear gloves. At the local clinic, workers wore masks and sometimes gloves too. They were shuttling all patients out of the waiting room to individual rooms or out to their cars to wait to be called. Grocery stores are only letting in 50 people at a time. A gas station has a plastic window up between customers and the cashier. Gas stations are deserted.

I was out on Sunday morning, and the town was dead. Most of the people on the streets were homeless, and they were quite prominent. Never realized we had so many in this city. The freeway is almost deserted.

So far this county of 100,000 people has 6 cases, five (or up to 7-8) of them connected to one man, a police officer who works in a nearby county, who probably got it on the job and gave it to his father who lives with him. They then gave it to three more people. In addition, 2-3 more of their contacts have symptoms. All cases are in this city of 60,000 where I live.

The first case in the county, an elderly man in the foothills, has recovered. Five of the six active cases are hospitalized, no doubt in the local hospital where I have elective surgery coming up with pre-op on Thursday. I am wondering whether to cancel it.

One thing I have noticed is how very friendly everyone is when you go out. Cashiers and other workers, fellow shoppers, even just people walking about. Everyone is so nice and kind, even people who are not normally like that. Not sure if I get it except that maybe disasters tend to bring people together, as we finally realize that we are all in this shit together and how much we all depend on solidarity with each other to stay alive and function.

It’s a great time for socialist consciousness, and it’s really exposing how utterly bankrupt neoliberal capitalism really is and how it is literally an out and out death cult.

My phone company is forgoing all bills and late fees for two months, but I think I will pay anyway, as we will probably owe more at the end. Utility company is doing the same, and all cut-offs will be stopped for two months time. Credit card companies don’t seem to be giving breaks. Might be nice if the landlord would blow off the rent, but that’s probably asking too much. I hope to pay my Internet and utility bills anyway this month.

Really this quarantine bullshit is not so different from my day to day life sadly, so this is really nothing new for me.

China the Enemy

I’m not going to say China has a bad system or disagree with Communism – something that would put me at odds with @Robert Lindsay. Not on this post anyway.

The point being that regardless of whether China’s ways are something you like, you can’t deny it’s evolutionary for them to hate the US because we are the other power. It would make sense that Covid-19 is a bioweapon but only if it were kept secret, mainly to avert panic.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump and the Pentagon got in some secret meeting and agreed to keep it Top Secret.

Redneck for Pay

Some have heard of “gay for pay” – that would be basically straight guys being gay just for the money. This I heard is common in porn.

However, what about guys like Dr. Evil who pet cats, dress like Liberace, but then go online and act all tough guy? Are there people like this? 😆

I’m sure WN forums are full of them. It would be so funny to see this particular “emperor with no clothes”.

Satan’s Answer – There’s Always Been Disaster – LOL.

Yep, no doubt there’ve always been pandemics, war, false religious teachers, government tyranny – all that Book of Revelations stuff – but end times preachers want to say something is special about today.

Well, is there? You can all debate.

I did bring up the locusts, but a poster on here noted, as expected, that there’ve always locust plagues.

O.K., finally, for the fundamentalist Christian argument, maybe we could say that all these terrible things would happen at once, and that would be creepy enough to convince!


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