What Race Are Latin American Mestizos?

Jason Muniz: Wouldn’t that include most mestizos since Native Americans have 1/3 West Eurasian ancestry? Mestizos basically have West Eurasian ancestry from both their European side as well as their Native American one. I guess it would depend on each individual mestizo.

Mestizos don’t have European ancestry from their Native American side. What do you mean? You mean that many Latin American Amerindians have some White in them? Well, ok, if that is what you are referring to, correct then

Well, down in Latin America, you are White if you are 75-8

Most Argentines, Chileans, and Southern Brazilians are definitely White, that’s for sure. And a lot of the Latin American upper class is absolutely White.

Anymore than that though and we are getting into mixed race people like you have in the Stans. They’re not really members of any race. There are some people like that up in the Urals too and over in Siberia. They’re so mixed that it’s hard to tell if they are White or Asian.

In the West (the Urals) they look a lot more White, but they are “funny Whites” – very Asiatic looking. Over towards Siberia, they are a lot more Asiatic, but you can still see a lot of White in them. Uyghurs and people like that would be judged on an individual basis. If they look mostly White, they’re White. If they look mostly Asian, they’re Asian. And if they’re totally mixed in, they are just mixed-race.

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4 thoughts on “What Race Are Latin American Mestizos?”

  1. What I mean is since Native Americans have West Eurasian ancestry (https://www.nature.com/news/americas-natives-have-european-roots-1.14213)

    Then mestizos received West Eurasian genes not just from their European ancestors but also from their Native American (NA) ancestors, since as the article points out, NA’s have West Eurasian ancestry along with the East Asian ancestry.

    I make a distinction between European and West Eurasian. All Europeans are West Eurasians, but not all West Eurasians are Europeans. Anyway I am not saying that native Americans are pure West Eurasian (Caucasoid, Caucasian), but they are mix of Caucasoids and East Asians, or at least that is what the article is saying in regards to the genetic makeup of NA’s.

    1. That doesn’t count. “Caucasoids” from 24,000 YBP looked like Amerindians. They looked nothing like the Caucasoids of today. So that European ancestry doesn’t count. Those ancient West Eurasians look nothing like the ones of today either. 24,000 year old genes don’t count. We are looking only at recent stuff.

    1. Nah that doesn’t count. The remains of that genetic heritage though can be seen in the fact that the Amerindians, of all of the Asiatics, are indeed closest to Caucasoids. They are quite close actually, so close it is almost surprising or shocking. They are outliers as far as Asiatics go in that respect, although the Chukchi are even closer. But the Chukchi are almost Native Americans or Inuit.

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