Tolerable/Intolerable Soft Guys

Intolerable soft guys would be ones that don’t work and are slobs. Tolerable ones would be described as below:

Game/PUA: Pure Androgyne Game

Feminine men do not act gay. They are just soft, have soft voices, are gentle, sensitive, often pretty, maybe thin, don’t work out, like to read, write, play music, cook, etc. Maybe really into clothes. A lot of them feel very close to women because their brain is sort of like a woman’s brain. This enables them to understand women pretty well and connect with women in a strong way.

They are liked by most people – once out of chicken-phobic middle/high school.

Anyway, in grade school  a lot of those guys can put on a two-show act where they might play sports (or be some daredevil jackass) and then part-time act all “sensitive guy”.

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11 thoughts on “Tolerable/Intolerable Soft Guys”

    1. I had a friend who supposedly had a huge cock. Never figured out how big it was because it seemed to gay to ask. He was also a very soft guy – almost too soft. A lot of people thought he was gay, and when he and I were out together, people would suggest he was my gay boyfriend, often not very nicely either. Really pissed me off.

      That guy got tons of pussy though. And he was short. But he was extremely goodlooking in a very pretty boy-type way, just like I was and apparently still am.

      1. Big size in general, in bodies or cocks, seems to produce gentle giants. Actually, giant dicks seem like they get soft or non-erect. I’ve seen pornstars with this. I believe one was said to be 18 inches. You can have too much of a good thing in this department.

        Not many big guys throw their weight around like Pesci in Goodfellas. They are content tending rabbits like Lenny in Of Mice and Men.

  1. Here’s a nice little quiz “Are you Normie scum?” At least 78468 people took it. Even with statistical outliers, this is a good survey.

    My results are as follows.

    For 60% you are: I want to say something so bad, they won’t let me write it here. Take a guess what. (Hint: It involves the word Chad, thunder and your nether regions.)
    39% of 78468 quiz participants had this profile! Profile A

    LOL, I never thought of myself as Chad. Yes, I have had a lot of sexual encounters but that alone doesn’t make anyone Chad.

    For 30% you are: You are a normie. Get the hell off my board, scum. Go find some other normies to bother. Maybe you’ll get together and make more annoying normies. *Shudders* Profile B

    30%, LOL. Looks like there are a lot of non-normies out there.

    For 10% you are: You are a robot. Good job on my quiz, pal. Maybe sometime we could hang out or something. We’d definitely get along. Bring snacks. Profile C


    1. I guess I’m a Normie. This is biased on terms of the incel definition of Normie, though. There are other definitions.

      1. Yeah this quiz was rather limited in scope. Would like a more extensive test. I definitely don’t want to be Normie.

        Sure I have some Normie traits. We all do but I’d like it minimized.

    2. Seems like some guy trying to get out of manly responsibilities – sort of a Peter Pan bachelor. Yeah, of course those guys don’t like normies.

      Well, I can’t stand normies to a degree either, but to be honest, if I had an employee who was a slob and never on time then I’d be upset, obviously. So I’m sort of a hypocrite when I get my bachelor thing on.

  2. Oh yeah, I forgot: “being on time”.

    So guys are viewed as men if: they’re on-time, not a slob, live up to manly family responsibilities.

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