What’s Wrong With a 115 IQ?

JBS: Scored a 115 FSIQ on the WAIS-IV. I said I was pissed because the psychologist administering the test said I had learning disabilities or whatever. Not true – just a bad day lol. If I recall accurately, you were kind to me and said not to worry about my score lol. Plenty of above average folk getting on fine.

Oh yes, of course! I remember you now!

Exactly. 115 IQ is just fine. Now if you want to be a physician, attorney, any doctoral profession, or a PhD, it will definitely be a cold, hard slog, but there are definitely physicians with 115 IQ’s. That’s about as low as they go though, and those people had to work their asses off to get that degree.

First of all, what’s wrong with being average? I mean most folks are average. Average is your typical, everyday person. I don’t understand why anyone is ashamed to be a typical ordinary person. I mean I get that they don’t want to be below average, but saying you are average is just saying that you are like everybody else or your average human.

America is very weird. Americans are never satisfied unless they are above average. It’s like Garrison Keillor’s (from Polar Bear’s native Minnesota) Lake Wobegon, the all-White community where everyone is above average. Of course that’s not possible. 90% of Americans say they are above average drivers. 25% of Americans believe they are in the top 1% income bracket (the rich). 50% of Americans say that they are going to be millionaires at some point in their lives.

About the commenter, at 115 IQ, he is in the top 20% of human intelligence. He is in the 80th percentile in terms of IQ. He is smarter than 80% of his fellow human beings. And in terms of Blacks,  he an even higher percentage, but I don’t have good data on that.

He might be in the top 4% of Blacks, but I wonder if that is true. He may be smarter than 96% of Blacks. That’s pretty amazing. A lot of corporations are looking to fill diversity goals. They’re not quotas and it’s not affirmative action. They just want to seek out as many qualified members of minority groups or genders as they can.

So he is basically a gold mine to a lot of corporations. And he may just go to the top of the government line too. Government loves to hire very smart Blacks.

Why this is something to worry about, I have no idea.

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3 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With a 115 IQ?”

  1. Americans have a child’s optimism.

    I remember thinking I’d be a pro-basketball player as kid. A wise-ass older kid gave a basketball to a much younger Black, telling him it’s his future. The older kid had more of a grip on reality than I did at the time.

    I’ve noticed that management totally submits to PC. Employees are supposed to do it too, but the higher up you go in the management chain, the more PC people are. So in the Current Year, that’s a good time and place to be a smart Black. And frankly, a lot of dumb ones are doing well too.

    But smart Blacks are more in demand. Indians, Asians, and Jews are typically in the upper ranks along with White Gentiles in say a hospital. These places would much rather have more Blacks though.

    It’s not just IQ. Black Americans’ life expectancy is improving as well I believe.

  2. I’m a pretty nerdy fellow but honestly, at college, this computer professor was someone I could not relate to at all. I seemed like some cool jock compared to that guy. I wanted to just let a fart around him for laughs – he made me feel so “average American”.

    My thing is web development but he was into computer programming, robots etc… the sort of guy that will bring on The Terminator, unfortunately!

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