Men with Tiny Penises Are Often Not Happy Campers

Polar Bear: A lot of men take pride in their junk. Our joystick brings us so much joy. I’ve brought it up with guys at work, and they were proud of the way their dicks worded.

Have you ever talked to a man with a tiny dick, like a micropenis or something of that nature?

I knew a woman who had sex with a guy with a micropenis.

And I was doing free counseling for a while with a gay man who had a micropenis. He was also an absolute, 10

He was so worried that he might offend and “hurt a kid,” as he put it, that he was threatening to cut his dick off. The whole therapy of the guy was to keep him from cutting his cock off. That’s how good of a person he was. He was literally going to chop his dick off to protect kids from the possibility that he might molest them.

He did use child porn of some sort though, and that was why he was terrified of going to an actual clinician. He thought he was going to get turned in. I didn’t turn him in for possessing child porn. I’m not a cop.

His tiny dick was just one of the things he was depressed about. Men with tiny dicks are often not happy campers.

I believe eventually he went on some sort of sex-drive killing drugs, once again to protect kids from his possible actions.

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5 thoughts on “Men with Tiny Penises Are Often Not Happy Campers”

  1. No, that’s sad. My father actually called me little dick as a kid. Did not effect me though. I could care less about dick size. There’s a lot more to a person.

    1. My father actually called me little dick as a kid

      It might have had another meaning, maybe you were a bit of an asshole as a child. I definitely was. I can assure you little dicks are annoying. They’re the bad apples; the parents of every other child hates their guts.

      Anyway, there’s no shame in admitting to a smaller dick. A beautiful Russian hooker once told me:

      “It’s not your sword size that matter. It’s how you use it matter!”

      Agree with that, Robert, LOL?

  2. Sorry Robert, this is unrelated but fascinating and I was unsure if you’d read it. It’s an article implicating mind-bending Harvard psych experiments as the reason for Kazyncski’s crime spree. Btw long time no talk. 😉


    1. Thank you so much! I hate to say it but I don’t remember you! Isn’t that terrible? I think I recognize the email and possibly the username but I can’t put a finger on you.

      BTW, WB! It’s so great to see so many of the old regulars coming back.

      1. I used to live in So Cal, not too far from your neck of the woods. We very briefly chatted on Quora. I’m Black, Jewish, and formerly had cognitive issues – ADHD-PI.

        Scored a 115 FSIQ on the WAIS-IV. I was pissed because the psychologist who gave me the test said I had learning disabilities or whatever. Not true – just a bad day lol. If I recall accurately, you were kind and said not to worry about my score lol. Plenty of above average folk getting on fine.

        These days I’m in junior college studying electronics. I like to read about the occult and its influence on society and try follow current events.

        Always regarded you as a humble purveyor of amusing and thoughtful opinions. I find tons of stuff and not sure how to share it with you – e.g. a Quora post on Somalian genetics. Stuff like that.

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