Alt Left: The Made-Up Problems of Male Circumcision

Polar Bear: We’ll never know if we’d of liked foreskin more or less. Famous pornstar Rocco regrets getting cut.

There are absolutely a whole lot of risk factors associated with keeping a foreskin. #1 is you have the ugliest dick around. Even if I was a fag, I would not have anything to do with an ugly dick like that. I’d say gimme Rocco’s dick any day ha ha.

How women tolerate those ugly foreskin dicks, I have no idea. I met this Jewish woman and started dating her. One of the first things she asked me after she asked me I was impotent (I was 48 years old when I met her, and it’s already starting up at that age) was if I was cut. I said Hell no and she said, “Good, I don’t like cownecks.” Ha ha, funny word.

You have to clean the damn thing all the time which is a PITA. This disgusting stuff called smegma accumulates under it which is grosser than gay porn. You have to keep cleaning that pond scum off your dick. Also, it sets you up for being at risk of different things: getting HIV from a woman, penile cancer, and other things.

It’s cut off for health reasons, and you never remember the cut.

Men who say there is “trauma” associated with memories of your dick getting cut at age zero are just victimfags (Great new word I just made up!). Great big pussies who love to whine about how they’ve been victimized their whole lives. Oh boo hoo! Poor babies! Man up, who dontcha?

The stink that antisemites and MRA’s make about circumcision is completely irrational. For antisemites it’s yet another perfect reason to hate Jews, which they want to do anyway. For MRA’s it’s just another notch on their victim belt. One wants to hate Jews for a dumb reason, and the other wants to be a victim for a dumb reason.

I’ve had a circumcised dick my whole life and it’s been awful damn sensitive the whole time. I don’t even think I’d want a more sensitive dick. It might turn alive, become a penile serpent, and try to crawl out of my pants. Can you imagine the embarrassment?

Color me unimpressed.

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16 thoughts on “Alt Left: The Made-Up Problems of Male Circumcision”

  1. I wonder if it would be too sensitive. Like you get off during a frisk. I know it has drawbacks like tightening up on older men. Fact is I’ll never know.

    A lot of men take pride in their junk. Our joystick brings us so much joy. I’ve brought it up with guys, at work and they were proud of the way their dick worded.

    Rocco has had both. Perhaps cut men are missing out. Maybe it just gets in the way or gives better orgasms.

    This isn’t a Jew thing. Egyptians have been doing it since ancient times. Egyptians seem to be labeled antisemitic too. I think some women are more pro-circumcision than mohels.

      1. Sometime in the 80s, I believe. He was an adult and did porn for a bit before he got cut. He says it was “catastrophic”.

        1. I found this online:

          Yes, he is circumcised. He started his porn career in 1987 uncircumcised, and in 1989 I think he got circumcised. A pornstar named Alicia Monet was performing oral sex on him, and she kept complaining that he was being too rough and she bit his penis. He got rushed to hospital and got a circumcision. He took about a year off porn and went back to modeling so he could heal properly.

  2. Circumcision

    Over my dead body!

    I can’t even imagine what it must be like to be a Muslim or Jewish male. You’re missing the most sensitive portion of your dick. All those nerve cells which increase your pleasure.

    You have to clean the damn thing all the time which is a PITA. This disgusting stuff called smegma accumulates under it which is grosser than gay porn.

    So what? Don’t we clean the rest of our junk too…underarms, ankles, ass cracks. All it takes is some soap and water.

    I rub that thingy with hard alcohol…cheap whiskies. It causes a bit of a burn which excites me (I’m a pervert LOL).

    It’s my DICK, fuck all the Jewish and Muslim males. Crazy to be chopping off the foreskin over some made-up religious BS.

    If you’re circumcising by choice or for non-religious reasons, it’s your wish and I have no objection.

    (P.S. – I am aware a lot of Gentile American males are circumcised.)

    1. I’ve read women get smegma on their labia and clit hood. I guess it’s natural and healthy. SHI/BUM, how much smegma do you produce?

      1. Bum’s cut.

        It’s not natural and healthy. It contributes to penile disorders and I believe even penile cancer. It’s factor.

      2. SHI/BUM, how much smegma do you produce?

        Is it measured in milligrams or something?

        Come on, I have a clean dick which can perform on LIVE camera…just like a porn star except it isn’t huge anymore. I feel sad about its small size, but that’s a separate topic.

        Yes people, I have no shame in admitting that my penis size isn’t what it used to be. That wasn’t the case in the past. In my 20s, I almost gave myself auto-fellatio. I’d have never put that thing in my own mouth. I was just trying to find out if it was even possible. Yes it is.

        Coming back to the topic, if you have a foreskin, you simply clean underneath it with soap and water. Regularly.

        Also, keep the pubic hair trimmed like a bonsai tree. I use a hair remover cream. It’s almost like a landing strip. It’s basic hygiene, that’s all.

        This foreskin stays right where it is till I die. It’s as precious to me as my actual member. I am PROUD of my foreskin. I will murder anyone coming after it.

      3. I used to get a lot of smegma (we called it dick cheese in the UK) when I was a teenager because I never washed it properly. I ended up getting infected and developed phimosis. It cleared up eventually though it was never quite right again, and that’s why I got cut.

        It wasn’t very painful. I had it done under local anesthetic, walked home from the clinic afterwards, and no one else knew I had it done. It took about 2 weeks to heal. The worse part was when the dissolvable stitches started itching about 10 days in.

        1. See? It causes phimosis. That’s only one of the problems you get with those gross ugly cownecks. LOL sorry SHI.

  3. I got circumcised as an adult of my own choice, and I prefer it. I’ve definitely lost some sensitivity but orgasm still feels the same. In fact it feels better because it takes longer to build up to it. I think nature designed the dick too be a bit too sensitive so you shoot off quickly.

        1. I really hated my frenulum. I tore it a few times when I had phimosis as a teenager and since then it’s always been painful to touch and I’ve been scared of tearing it again.

          When I got circumcised a few years ago I told the surgeon to cut off the frenulum too but he only cut off the bottom half of it and I was left with about 1/2″ at the top.

          I tried cutting it off last year but it bled like crazy and made me feel sick. A few weeks ago I came up with the idea of burning it off with my soldering iron and here I am. It should be all gone now.

          1. Has any harm been done to your cock as a result of your little homegrown procedure?

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