PUA/Game: Statistical and Behavioral Alphas, Betas, and Omegas

Polar Bear: Some PUA guys on Youtube were triggering my gaydar. Not that big of a deal. Even in the most ideal European societies, there will be flamers and hillbillies. Even in the strict Middle Eastern countries, there are gays, as you detailed.

Think about it. PUA’s devote their entire lives to getting laid, getting pussy, seducing women, dating and fucking women. That’s all they live for. Exactly how many gay men would such a lifestyle appeal to? About zero. Don’t you realize that a lot of straight men set off people’s gaydar. If I had a dollar for every straight man I’ve known who many people thought was gay, I’d be a rich man. You can’t go on behavior.

Polar Bear: Geez, wonder how Omegas fare in a wolf pack.

I suppose there is room for Omegas in a wolf pack, if they even have Omegas. Maybe they don’t. Maybe they just have the Alpha and his Beta followers.

Polar Bear: Wonder if married men are Beta. By the time they have kids many seem whipped. In The Departed, the Alpha married man, Alec Baldwin, says, “A wedding ring lets women know your cock still works.” The Alpha single man, Jack Nicholson, responds, “You get your period yet?”

Statistical Betas and behavioral Betas are not the same thing.

Behaviorally, yes, a lot of married men are behavioral Betas as you describe. Once they are pussywhipped, they are behavioral Betas all the way.

And most men period are statistical Betas. Probably 65

I am thinking there can never be more than 20

Now we are getting to the point among young men where 30

On the other hand, you have societies such as Latin America, the Arab World, North Africa, Iran, Turkey, the Mediterranean, Eastern Europe, Russia, maybe Africa where most of the men are behavioral Alphas. Those societies are not ideal but have you noticed that sexually they seem pretty good for men?

Personally, I think that most men could probably benefit from behaving in a more Alpha manner. Some are already doing it, so they don’t need help, but for a lot of men, it should help them with women.

Do you all follow me on the difference between statistical and behavioral Alphas, Betas, and Omegas?

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6 thoughts on “PUA/Game: Statistical and Behavioral Alphas, Betas, and Omegas”

  1. You’re right, they are at the very least bi. As discussed here, the typical gay would be disgusted by pussy. I went to Catholic school and the priests were often seen as gays. Spanish teacher seemed gay but wasn’t. Lesbian teachers were manhating cunts.

    I looked up Omega wolves after. They don’t fare too bad on the bottom but are last to get food.

    I work with a very smart guy that shows me MGTOW vids. He’s full of shit in a way saying he doesn’t want to deal with women but gets weak around them.

    I know some dumb players but they seem in tune with nature. I get by on looks if I keep the hair short. If I let it get too shaggy, the pool is smaller. Only certain White women are more into the barbarian look. My theory is their ancestors were seeded by Alpha Vikings.

    1. Hey! Thanks for that on Omega wolves. So the pack lets them survive. Well, that’s awful kind-hearted of them. I thought they would be crueler than that. I didn’t know that Alpha wolf pack leaders can be females! Damn! Girrl Power!

      I thought the male wolves would be too macho to follow some silly wolf broad, but hey, what do I know, right? I heard those wolf ladies are awful mean too. It’s those jaws. That’s how they do it, you know. It’s all in those crazy, bone-crushing jaws.

  2. Good point about Alpha male societies. Toronto is the confused reverse. The women can teach classes nude, while men are thin ice.

    1. What? Women can teach classes nude in Toronto?! Where do I sign up for one of these courses? Canada, here I come!

      1. Feminists can sue for sexism and gender discrimination if anyone complains. Gay men can also do this. Usually just revealing and tight clothing. Nude and fully see-through are more rare. Maybe one perk of feminism if they don’t decide to arrest you for looking.

  3. Lack of culture seems to bring out the worst in feminists.

    I think the non-French parts of Canada are the worst. France, Britain, Sweden, etc. – you are allowed to look at women. Looking is not considered assault in places with a unified culture. SJW mind diseases like feminism thrive in places with forgotten roots like Toronto, turning a once-beautiful girl into a Medusa you can’t look at. Culture is the mirrored reflection allowing Medusa to see herself.

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