How Much Sympathy Can We Have for Incels, Etc.?

Warning: maybe spoilers above

Well, I understand many get a bad hand in life, but do these people have a right to exact revenge at the level of the Joker (school shooters, the like etc..)?

I mean, aren’t these people somewhat responsible for simply giving in to inappropriate behavior? For instance, White Supremacists may have had a bad lot in life leading them into what they are, but does that excuse it? Does the fact that incels can’t get sex excuse shootings from them?

Someone noted that society was supposed to get sex workers to keep nerds from shooting up schools (sarcasm) – LOL.

Well, I see these incels as just people not willing to learn basic social skills, and working out at a gym isn’t that tough. Just make time for about 30 minutes a few times a week, and things should look up!

Sympathy for Dangerous Narcissists?

They were made that way just like any other victim, but society cannot tolerate their shit.

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4 thoughts on “How Much Sympathy Can We Have for Incels, Etc.?”

  1. How much sympathy can we have for incels?

    Although I’d ignore the incels for the most part, given a compulsion, I’d do to them what Hitler did to the Jews. 😂😂😂

    I think the problem’s really in their heads. And, it should be fixed Johnny Lawrence style. An elbow to the teeth for starters.

    The word “incel” is a 21st century creation. Sure, there have always been shy people. But no-one played victim like today’s Millennials and Generation Z’s.

    How to break the incel spell? It’s really simple. Start talking to people, dammit. Sure, some might not want to talk to you. Some people just aren’t meant to be chatty. Fuck them, and move the fuck on.

    With just a little practice, you’ll start understanding nonverbal clues about who’s interested and who’d rather have you under a bus. On average, no less than 50% of any given population are chatty. The rest may be reserved but you’ll be surprised how many open up once they’ve had a few drinks or when you let them talk about themselves.

    The best way to talk to people is to ask questions about them. Real stuff such as their educational background. Pretend as if you really care even if you don’t.

    Some hot young women might act like bitches, so it’s a good idea to avoid them. Because many are airheads anyway and don’t have anything interesting to say. Just ignore them.

    Most men in the age group 25-65 are eager for a chat with any other man as long as everyone’s shooting the breeze. I don’t see a problem there. No matter where you go, at least you’ll find a lot of men to converse with.

    Fuck inceldom and the perpetual imaginary victims.

  2. Who determines who’s “dangerous”? The SJW freaks? I say they are more dangerous to society. Jews are culture changers and they should have limited power, if any. The Jews’ bad lot in life does not excuse their actions. The higher path of the self may be to not internalize racial supremacy. Natives being favored in their own lands is well and good though.

    1. True, they have a different sort of crazy – sort of “undercover”. However, they aren’t killing people – that I know of – except soon-to-be aborted babies.

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