Why Is Hostel So Disturbing?

Hostel Movie Spoiler

Well, it’s highly disturbing because the people tortured and killed don’t deserve it. It’s as simple as that! Albeit this is only based on the limited info we have about the characters.

Well, the college kids were into getting laid, but seriously, did that justify being hunted, tortured, and killed? This movie must have been made by feminists – LOL.

Anyway, another deep thought about the way these victims are treated is a parallel with how we treat animals. Don’t we treat animals like that in the food industry and medical experiments?

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One thought on “Why Is Hostel So Disturbing?”

  1. The Whiter the person, the more disgusted with this film they are. No Ned Flanders type likes this movie. A friend of mine wrote the director and complained to him.

    Eli Roth, the Bear Jew, directed it. This is what I believe elite Jews do to kids besides having sex with them. Maybe a Satanic Jew blend but dark spirituality regardless. The average White mind can’t wrap their head around such evil or see it in others. It makes their tender hearts pump fast, like little bunnies that get so frightened they die. The elite have often been desensitized to cruelty since childhood.

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