Trash’s View of West Virginia

Regarding the commentator on the old blog Trash:

This pretty much sums up massive snobbery equivalent to the White Supremacist view of “Mother Africa”.

In fact, in his comments, he claims low class “trash” were dumped on the colonies and many came to West Virginia.

Anyway, on a deep level, types like Trash according to @Robert Lindsay get off on superiority, and while certain of their comments can be funny to listen to, they certainly aren’t very cool.

But Aren’t Many “Cracker” Whites Obnoxious?

Yeah, but so are many niggas and Latinos. In fact, what group doesn’t have an obnoxious subset of people?

Getting Even for White Supremacist Nigga Hating

Maybe Trash was just dishing back what they dished out to him. I mean, who likes to be dehumanized? Maybe he wasn’t really a narcissist but just a revenge type.

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4 thoughts on “Trash’s View of West Virginia”

  1. Was he shitting on flyover Whites for some Black crackhoe that gave him genital warts? No. He left the Black, Brown, and White for Yellow. I think he was reassuring himself that he made the right decision.

    1. And “Yellow is kissing his narcissistic ass for money?” Of course, but any race or group would do that, including American flyovers. Well, that’s assuming he isn’t cheating and insulting them too much!

      I met a guy like that in my hometown, and his tales of travel to Asia are such a laugh. I’m like, “Oh, really?”. He just came across as a White Supremacist who likes non-White pets.

        1. The dark side of those places is drugs. I mean, if you have them or worse – someone plants them on you – you go from paradise to third-world prison.

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