Trash’s Anti-Celtic Prejudice

Despite the fact that many White Supremacists on Stormfront are probably Celts, and in fact, the Southern tormentors of Blacks were Celts, generally, there’s nevertheless a feeling among some White Supremacists that Celts are degenerate Whites prone to booze, violence, drugs (pain pills in their case) – all those things that also tear up Black/Latino communities.

Also, on top of that, they’re stereotyped as not being very industrious. I mean, they could never replace the German master race on that score.

The whole White on White prejudice is similar to German’s feelings about the Slavs. In fact, Hitler despised the Slavs – seeing them as vastly inferior – hence why supposedly they needed “Jews to rule over them.”

So anyway, Trash’s beef against West Virginia and Appalachia in general stems from the fact that he sees it as a place settled by Scots. In other words, settled by Lynrd Skynrd – LOL.

Is It the Truth?

It’s just racist lies. True, Celts have not been as robotically industrious as Germans, Japanese, Chinese, or Koreans, but honestly, they are definitely industrious enough! In fact, plenty of well-adjusted, psychologically normal people live in Appalachia. There are huge problems there, but I don’t think they’re genetic in nature. They’re easily cured once people get Christianity and end the whole cycle of daddy rape or whatever other degeneracy is going on.


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