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Dres moy es hanter bledhen an yeth o kov passys yn. Y’n jydh hedhyw, byttegyns, yma an yeth yn argerdh dasserghyans ha, wostalleth yma niver freth ha nebes kowsoryon a vyhan. An Ruwvaneth Unys a sinas an Chartour Europek rag Yethow Ranndiryel po Byhan ha res yw dhedha gwitha an yeth.

Y’n gwettha prys, nyns eus hwithrans sad dhe selya an niver, avel yma yn Kembra. Tus ha governans a deby yma ‘ogas veth’ po ‘marnas nebes kansow’ a gewsel, ytho yma fowt a arhasow ha gwriansow a-barth an yeth. Dhe orthtreylya an studh ma, an kows ma atemptya selya niver yn mar hardlych dell bossybyl. An niver ma a yll bos dhe besya gans an difressyans an yeth yn fordh wiw.

This one is not as hard as it seems. You should at least get the language family right, if not the language itself. And yes, it is definitely spoken in Europe. This language is not widely known though, and probably a lot of people have never heard of it or think it doesn’t exist. Unlike many European languages, it does not have a large number of speakers.

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One thought on “Spot the Language”

  1. Sounds like Welsh or something in the Celtic languages family.

    Perhaps, Breton? or any other minority languages. I think it’s spoken in modern France.

    It’s clearly not Manx or Cornish.

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