Reality Check for People

When I was in school, I threatened a lot of people because I believed in getting even. However, this one guy would always make fun of me and say, “I’m scaaaaaaareeeeed!” We are good friends now. In fact, he’s one of the few people who stands up to the Facebook Hillbilly Potheads (Trump drones).

So it does seem like some people need to be bullied some because they need to realize that threats aren’t making things better. However, movies and TV teach that fighting and comebacks shut down opponents. But I’m guessing in most schoolyard situations, they don’t. In fact, all that impresses people in school or prison is an anti-authority figure willing to take on the administration. This could be normally done by dares (pull the fire alarm, moon the teacher).

How about Narcissists?

Since they think they are God, they certainly need a reality check! However, some like Steve Jobs are actually creators who at least aren’t into racism or serial killing.

Wouldn’t a reality check lower their productive output?

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