Mass Shooting in Thailand

These don’t usually happen outside of this insane country, but here is one from Thailand. Of course it was a soldier because those are the only people sane allowed to have guns in any sane society, obviously not including the US. Death toll is now up to 26.

Apparently he was mad at rich people. Well, that’s understandable but shooting random people out walking around is not the proper response. Most of them are probably not rich anyway.

Shooting started at a military base, where he shot his commanding officer. Then he moved to a nearby shopping center, where he stationed himself on a roof and played shooting gallery for a while. Unfortunately, he was an excellent marksman in the military.

These murder sprees actually do happen in places other than the US. It’s just that they aren’t very common, and it’s unusual for the shooter to get such a high death toll.

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One thought on “Mass Shooting in Thailand”

  1. Damn. Thailand’s like my second home.

    Underneath all those layers of Buddhism and harmony, there is a lot of tension in that society.

    The problem with Buddhism is that it makes you suppress your anger and frustrations. If you’ve had enough, all that meditation ain’t gonna solve a thing.

    Under such conditions, one can only implode in anger. There was this Buddhist Korean Gook called Seung Hui Cho who liquidated 33 of his tormentors at Virginia Tech.

    We should count ourselves lucky that we’re pretty normal people compared to the real fuck-ups. I know that I can take a hell lot more and still not implode.

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