Alt Left: Permanent Ban from r/Communism

On Reddit. Oh well. I am starting to think I am not much of a Commie anyway. Western Commies are the most insane feminists and SJW’s of them all. They’re almost all full-blown radical feminists of the worst kind, and most Western Communist groups are flooded with non-heterosexuals and nonbinary gender types, and they have the worst of those two also.

I was reading one forum and ~half of the posters were non-heterosexual and gender nonbinary. Recommended reading was some radical feminist lesbian manhating psycho on “mandatory heterosexuality,” or some crap. I said I’m out and quit reading and let them have their pervert misandrist jerk-off session.

The group I got banned from recently posted saying that all Communist countries had banned porn and that porn would be banned in their future dream society. Every Communist guerrilla group that forms local rule puts the women in charge. It causes the usual chaos that Female Rule always does anywhere. Guess what the first thing they do is? Ban booze, gambling, and porn. The three things that keep most of us guys from blowing our brains out. Brilliant!

I made ~two posts there and then I was banned. I didn’t say anything bad at all. I asked why I got banned and got a response:

No misogynists.

I guess he read through my posting history. I told my partial roommate about this, and he gave me this puzzled look like:

You? A misogynist? WTF! That’s total bullshit LOL!

I said I know and we laughed about it. Then we talked about how Western Communists sucked. He said:

It’s nothing but a bunch of niggers and Mexicans and fags. They hate Whites and men. That’s why I never wanted any part of it.

I basically agreed with him, without the slurs that is.

I also find it laughable that I am a misogynist. When I see hardcore misogyny online, a lot of times, it makes me throw my head back in shock and disgust. I dislike it on a visceral level. Obviously with reactions like that, I must be a horrible misogynist, huh?

My feelings towards women do range from love all the way to hate and everything in between though, I agree. But they’re mostly on the positive side. I don’t want to be a woman-hater. It doesn’t feel good.

Also women were so good to me when I was young that I really can’t hate them. I will love them forever for the kindness that they showed to me then. And yes, kindness is the right word. They treated me like a was a prince or a cool new toy to play with and pass around to their friends for them to play with. But that’s ok. I didn’t mind being a meat puppet. That was obviously for a completely shallow reason called Looks, but hey, humans are shallow.

Women from 18-55 pretty much treat me like dirt now (but not always). I must say that if they had treated me my whole life they way they treat me now, I would definitely hate women. I mean you hit a man enough times, he might start hitting back. Those poor incels have been treated like human garbage by females their whole pitiful lives. I don’t blame them for hating women. Who wouldn’t?

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14 thoughts on “Alt Left: Permanent Ban from r/Communism”

    1. Yeah, them, the anarchists, the Far Left in general, and even liberals for that matter hate me more than just about anybody. What’s odd is that a lot of conservatives have been quite nice to me for a long time now. Not all of them though.

      The anarchists literally want to beat me up, and I’m sure they would not hesitate to do so. To them, I’m Richard Spencer and there’s not one degree of difference between us two.

      Actually the entire Left, including liberals, says just that. To them, all “racism” is the same, from the White guy next door to the Aryan Brotherhood.

      The Commies want to put me against a wall and shoot me. And they have told me that they will do just if they get power. I believe them.

      Almost everyone from liberals left insists that I am not left of the spectrum in any way. They all say I am either a conservative, a Republican, a reactionary, a fascist, or a Nazi.

      Though one guy did have the grace to put me on the “racist Left,” comparing me to the old Southern Democrats and especially to the populist George Wallace, who was actually quite liberal in a number of ways, just not on race. I’m not a Wallace Democrat (yep, Wallace was a Democrat), but at least he put me on the Left.

      1. Blacks and other down-trodden benefit greatly under Communism, but as you say – they did ruin some Cuban housing projects. Well, it would be against their code of ethics to bring up race regarding that.

      2. Probably Trump won because the overall quality of the Left has been going down for a long time. Really smart Leftists that can win arguments are becoming uncommon. So the New Right can win elections because there are no real leftwingers that can stand up to them, just some weird SJWs.

        1. Maybe. I would agree that the quality of the Left has gone down, that’s for sure. Of course they lose most arguments they make. Because most of the arguments of the Cultural Left nowadays are nothing but lies.

  1. Jesus Christ, Robert. Is there one place that hasn’t banned you yet? First Quora, then Reddit; Twitter, maybe?

    Why don’t you toe the line and suck up to the Normies a bit, man? Everyone does it, OK? I mean a “Communist” board is the last place you should be banned from.

    Most people following you on this blog might be messed up a bit. Look at me: I’m just a hair breadth’s away from being a real world fugitive. Everything about my life is falling apart at the moment.

    I don’t want to comment on other posters but I’m sure they have issues as well. Because they too find comfort and solace in your blog.

    Is that the kind of company you want to keep?

    Remember, in Normie terms, we’re all losers anyway. At least I am.
    😁 😂 🤣 😃 😄 😅 😆 😉 😊 😋 😎 😍 😘 🥰 😗 😙 😚 🙂 🤗 🤩 🤔 🤨 😐 😑 😶 🙄 😏 😣 😥 😮 🤐 😯 😪 😫 😴

    1. I had 17 million visitors on the old blog. I got interviewed on the radio a few times and had several offers to be on TV. That’s nothing to scoff at. And I haven’t changed one bit.

      Yeah this is the company I want to keep LOL. I don’t even like normal people or Normies very much. I only like weird people. If you’re weird, come on over! If you’re a Normie, I don’t think so! I also don’t mind fucked up people either. Hell, I’ve been pretty fucked up forever. Nothing wrong with being fucked up, except you don’t want to be too fucked up LOL.

      As far as losers, LOL. I like being a loser! I’m into loserdom! I’m a proud loser. I call myself a beautiful loser! The perfect somewhat dangerous man. Anyway a lot of bad boys are pretty much losers, even into old age. Who cares! At least they get the pussy? What else matters.

      Reddit hasn’t banned me. That’s just one ultra cucked, fagged out subreddit.

      Why don’t you toe the line and suck up to the Normies a bit, man? Everyone does it, OK?

      Actually I do that all the time, believe it or not. More or less, not completely. I can’t resist a being just a bit of a troll. But they ban me anyway. Even when I am trying to be an extremely good boy to not get banned like on Queera, Fagbook, and Twit, they banned me anyway. Even totally toned down I am beyond offense for those fagged out venues. Oh well, fuck em.

      I mean a “Communist” board is the last place you should be banned from.

      Ha ha ha ha ha! Most all Communist sites and all anarchist sites would ban me in a New York minute. Those the worst SJW’s of them all!

      I did stay on one Commie site that was something like Trad Commies. They were basically Alt Left, supporting the old Communist regimes pre-1990 and absolutely hostile to this new fagged out, White- and man-hating bullshit. The old Communist countries were not like that. None of them hated Whites and men and treated homosexuals like Gods to be worshiped. They were actually social conservatives.

      1. Hating Whites – as in American style – is something definitely American. If Eastern European nations hated Whites THAT MUCH they’d alienate their own population! That’s what’s happened in the US, except here they just alienated the Whites.

        Now to a small extent I can understand anti-redneck rage, but you know what I mean.


        They’ve ruined the Civil Rights movement in the West because it’s just too much!

    2. Is there one place that hasn’t banned you yet? First Quora

      I’m sorry, SHI. It’s pronounced Queera. I mean that’s how I pronounce it. You can pronounce it any you want.

      then Reddit; Twitter, maybe?

      I pronounce Twitter differently too. I call Twit because that’s who those cucks who run it are! Bunch of twits! You’re free to say it as you wish though.

      Unfortunately I can’t come up with a good name for Reddit. It’s totally SJW’d out too in the worst way. Not all the subs but most of them. Come on guys, come up with an insulting name for Reddit, dammit!

  2. I call them Reddit Virgins 😊😊. Reddit Fags will also do just as fine.

    None of them have any real world experience.

    None of them faced any actual problems in their sheltered lives. Mommy and daddy will bail them out anyway.

    Fuck all the Reddit virgins.

  3. I had 17 million visitors on the old blog. I got interviewed on the radio a few times and had several offers to be on TV.

    Man, that’s a side of you we don’t hear everyday. Kudos.

  4. Quote @Robert Lindsay

    The Commies want to put me against a wall and shoot me. And they have told me that they will do just if they get power. I believe them.

    Hardcore racists are definitely something you don’t want close to you. In my own family, it’s pretty much decided we are having nothing to with any branches of our family that are getting close to those kind of racists.

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