Just Watched Se7en

Just got through watching the serial killer flick Se7en. That was incredible! It’s about a killer who goes around killing people based on the seven deadly sins. Anybody seen it?

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14 thoughts on “Just Watched Se7en”

      1. Hmmm. Creepy ass faggot, just like Brad Pitt was saying – LOL.

        No, I could get thrown in that boat also because outside the Net, I’m often quiet around people – into the Net, books.

  1. If you like slasher and serial killer movies, I have plenty of recommendations. You can find most of these titles on Putlocker and other pirated streaming sites.

    Drive Thru (2007) – It’s about a jilted lover turned killer clown named “Horny”. (Slasher/Comedy)

    ATM (2012) It’s about an anonymous killer attacking random people near an ATM. They don’t reveal his identity in the movie but he’s a draftsman with advanced engineering skills. (Slasher/Thriller)

    I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997) Not my favorite but it’s a cult classic. (Slasher/Thriller)

    The Slumber Party Massacre (1982) It’s an old gem: misogynists are absolutely going to love this one. There are two sequels but I never saw them. (Slasher/Violence)

    House of Wax (2005) Not as violent as the above ones but still quite entertaining. (Slasher/PG-13)

    Zodiac (2007) Absolutely sick monster murderer. Loved him. (Slasher/Violence)

    Little Hope was Arson (2013) Like to set things on fire? Don’t miss this one. It will even give you ideas. (Slasher/Mystery)

          1. Fuck! How could you possibly like such a movie? Are you a psychopath LOL.

            I’ll tell you man, what really happened.

            It was 2006. I was 23. I met this most incredibly beautiful girl from Slovakia. It was my first job in a tech firm in India. She came for an internship and it was love at first sight.

            I downloaded Slovak language phrasebook from the Internet and learned a whole bunch of words to impress her.

            It was my best Valentine’s Day, ever. Spent it entirely with her. I was madly in love.

            You might be aware that the most dangerous part of the movie was supposed to be based in Slovakia. Well, I saw that movie with her in a dingy theatre. Had a real blast.

            Anyway, it didn’t last. She turned out to be a bitch, broke my heart. We still said our good-byes. I gave her a crystal pyramid with “I Love You” inscribed on it. Her name was Beata 🙂

            That was one of the few times I genuinely loved a girl. But that experience taught me so much. You know I went to Uzbekistan around that time? And, Thailand too.

            I would say the most golden phase of my life lasted between 2005 and 2008. I had a hell lot of fun then. Every moment was sheer magic.

            I went to Europe three times and tried to meet her again. She has blocked me on Fagbook and all other social media platforms.

            I think everyone should experience a heart break at least once in their lives. It builds your character.

          2. What was this a ski trip?

            Only White people enjoy ski trips and shit.

            See above reply. It was a movie date with my then-girl of dreams. And she happened to be Slovak. Isn’t that cool?

            Old college days?

            No, it would be a post-college phase.

            I had a great time in college, but there wasn’t much money to spend.

            However, I was making a hell lot of money after I turned 23. I had my first real job, which I dropped midway because I wanted to party and travel.

            At the peak, I was making up to $2,000 per month. That’s a lot of money for this part of the world. I was able to travel to Goa, Philippines, Thailand, Uzbekistan. Hookers, sex, alcohol, cigarettes…One night stands.

            Pretty wild times. No financial planning, no savings for the future. Just living the dream.

            Have had many adventures but nothing compares to that golden phase of life.

  2. Well, it was a movie, but in fiction, they seem to try to avoid the elephant in the living room and give these serial killers all kinds of esoteric motives.

    Some 90s B TV show I remember seeing had this female “expert” on psychopaths tracking down a serial killer who just wanted to be “Sagittarius” and shoot people through glass. Yet in real life this stuff is all about sex, and a good number in fact are serial rapes with the murder being to silence the victim-witness.

    I remember WGN did a made for TV miniseries in the early 90s starring Brian Dennehey called something like The Ballad of John Wayne Gacy where he has this creepy look on his face when coming back at night after dumping a corpse. That one seems to not be available anymore, probably Dennehey’s biggest role too maybe other than the sheriff in Rambo.

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