Homosexuality and Nazism in Today’s World

Well, I know at least two gay guys  from a forum – and one for sure 100 percent gay and on the prowl.   Now, the 2nd one – seemed in-the-closet gay – by his weird comments.

Anyway, this whole phenomenon is a bunch of guys – who would persecute and kill gays – while at the same time being gay.  Also, there are incredibly anti-sexual, on the level of Puritans.  Now they’re all for women being in their place, but they hate porn – or any talk about women.    They also hate drugs – or anything they see as “degenerate”.

Well, the one extreme gay talked about being a Christian, meanwhile – using every curse word in the book in his posts – lol.

What are we to think of these people?  Funny is one word – and definitely HYPOCRITE of a sort.

Men Opposing Women/Vices to Safeguard Masculinity

To an extent I can understand this.  Definitely an in-control man is more in-control – by not being controlled by vices.

Opinions on Non-Whites?

The opinions are even more hateful than seen on Beyond Highbrow – maybe even Stormfront.  These guys are nearly 100 percent racially closed-minded in all aspects.  it’s actually comical how hateful these guys are.

Where did these guys live?

Chicago and New York City, respectively.  Well, I could understand the rage – based on the location.  But then again, always these people have the freedom to leave very easily.  It’s almost – as if they enjoy being beat up by blacks!

But were they beat up cause they gay?  Yeah, inquiring minds want to know!  In fact, blacks hate gays, along with whites in a black-majority area – and that’s a huge give-away!

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2 thoughts on “Homosexuality and Nazism in Today’s World”

  1. Gays that enjoy killing gays and getting beat up by blacks. It’s all about location. Your views are a reaction to the hillbilly bullies around you. Frankly, you’re better off with good ol’boys than murderous gay hunting gays that like to get beat to death by blacks.

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