Homosexuality and Nazism in Today’s World

Well, I know at least two gay guys  from a forum – and one for sure 100 percent gay and on the prowl.   Now, the 2nd one – seemed in-the-closet gay – by his weird comments.

Anyway, this whole phenomenon is a bunch of guys – who would persecute and kill gays – while at the same time being gay.  Also, there are incredibly anti-sexual, on the level of Puritans.  Now they’re all for women being in their place, but they hate porn – or any talk about women.    They also hate drugs – or anything they see as “degenerate”.

Well, the one extreme gay talked about being a Christian, meanwhile – using every curse word in the book in his posts – lol.

What are we to think of these people?  Funny is one word – and definitely HYPOCRITE of a sort.

Men Opposing Women/Vices to Safeguard Masculinity

To an extent I can understand this.  Definitely an in-control man is more in-control – by not being controlled by vices.

Opinions on Non-Whites?

The opinions are even more hateful than seen on Beyond Highbrow – maybe even Stormfront.  These guys are nearly 100 percent racially closed-minded in all aspects.  it’s actually comical how hateful these guys are.

Where did these guys live?

Chicago and New York City, respectively.  Well, I could understand the rage – based on the location.  But then again, always these people have the freedom to leave very easily.  It’s almost – as if they enjoy being beat up by blacks!

But were they beat up cause they gay?  Yeah, inquiring minds want to know!  In fact, blacks hate gays, along with whites in a black-majority area – and that’s a huge give-away!

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2 thoughts on “Homosexuality and Nazism in Today’s World”

  1. Gays that enjoy killing gays and getting beat up by blacks. It’s all about location. Your views are a reaction to the hillbilly bullies around you. Frankly, you’re better off with good ol’boys than murderous gay hunting gays that like to get beat to death by blacks.

    1. Do they really think they can take back Chicago and NYC from Blacks? It seems to be a case of “beaten White syndrome”.

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