Special Case: “To Kill a Mockingbird”-Type Bitch

Yep, they’re still around big time. They flirt with Blacks or maybe relatives do, then they take their rage out on Blacks. Except now it’s getting tougher to pick on Blacks because they stick together, and the law on their side, along with the general society. So in this case they pick on antiracist nerds. People who are nerdy because, well, it isn’t cool to be antiracist in majority-White areas in the South.

Black and Other Non-White Equivalents

A while back, I mentioned the story about a Black elementary school girl bullied to death for having one White friend!

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One thought on “Special Case: “To Kill a Mockingbird”-Type Bitch”

  1. The book is based off the authors dad trying to get two blacks off for killing a White. A well written fiction. I remember feeling bad for the little black girl that got raped.

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