Cool Kids and White Victimization Culture

To an extent I can understand it. Face it, the culture is vastly anti-White and anti-male now, and this has been pushed by Jews for 50-some years. Also to top it off Obama was president for eight years, and he was pretty much a symbol of “White downfall.”

And the unreported or softened Black crime  reporting as a result of antiracism is not good. For instance, in my area – even with its low percentage of Blacks – there was a brutal near-killing at a waffle house nearby by a Black. But that’s not saying Whites don’t commit just as many horrible crimes around here, considering there are few Blacks hereabouts.

Black crime is fuel for White assholes and bitches who hide behind White Supremacy to bully designated victims. Of course, this works a lot better if the victims are White nerds and not Black ones because Blacks are strong, and many of them “stick together.” But I still think it’s cowardly.

Anyway, this bullshit only happens in White majority areas, just like Black abuse of Whites only happens in prisons and Black-majority areas.

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5 thoughts on “Cool Kids and White Victimization Culture”

  1. I take the bus with HS kids. White kids assimilate to Blacks a bit. There’s no shortage of wiggers. However, even non-wiggers support Blacks, especially the girls. Black kids are cooler than the White kids. One White kid is high-pitched, acts like Mickey Mouse and is a stupid blabbermouth. Another White kid looks like girl.

    Blacks are more manly earlier. I did laugh at one of the Blacks rubbing up against a mentally handicapped woman. I’ll spare you my thoughts.

    I don’t mind getting dark. A White guy was buying everybody food at a McDonald’s and ran out of money, so a Black shot him. Sure, it’s horrible but also funny in a way. I’ve even been to McDonalds where a Black was saying “I’ma kidnap the clown!” Seriously, a lot of shit they do is funny.

    No waffle houses nearby but it sure looked good on Bourdain’s show.

  2. “To an extent I can understand it. Face it, the culture is vastly anti-White and anti-male now, and this has been pushed by Jews for 50-some years.”

    I can see how this creates Nazism. White blue collar workers undercut by illegals, White white collar workers undercut by H1b scam. Then you’re mocked left and right by the media. This forms little Nazis.

    Nazi-Germany. The Jewish line is that the Germans turned evil and killed Jews for shits and giggles. Their hatred for them appeared out of thin air.

    The far ends of the political parties are shit stains that play well off each other. This is probably why Trump will win again.

    1. I’d vote for someone saying, “They better shut their Jewish mouths!” but it won’t happen in my lifetime. Judeophiles want Jew women. I can sympathize as some are very attractive.

      It seems good looking women is the Jews’ main attribute. “Shut everything down and make another hot Israeli soldier girl thread” is all (((they))) can do. 50 plus years of anti-White male BS for a bagel to fill with cream cheese. Just shag Persian rugs instead.

  3. If you fall for Jew propaganda, then you have no one but yourself to blame. In that case, good for the Jews. Rise above it, laugh about it, or ignore it. If it’s a burden, then throw your t.v away, smash your computer, turn off the radio.

    1. We’re all infected if we watch enough mainstream media. I mean no one thinks they’re brainwashed. Yet most all are on some level. Any movies from a NS soldier’s or whip-less, softhearted slaver’s perspective, etc.? Even wholesome shows like Andy Griffith, Brady Bunch, and Leave it to Beaver are rare these days. Not watching the MSM is the only way.

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