Cigarettes Are Disgusting

I went to a strip club recently, and the noise and cigarettes were beyond disgusting. In fact, I can’t understand how strippers can endure years of working at these places. The noise after-affect, lack of breathing, and smell is still with me even after two days.

Now imagine if some of these women got pregnant and kept working there. It’s beyond child abuse.

I don’t think anyone is a snotty bitch for criticizing this life. Sometimes I feel bad about going there, but I’m so horny. But the fact remains that no women are going to remove all their clothes for you except in these places other than hookers, who are too expensive.

I’m no wimp but I probably have “shortness or breath” or asthma. My dad smoked for years, and maybe the smoke is still in my body.

The downside of machismo in the US is that tough guys are supposed to smoke. But look at the effects. If a lot of these men had been softer, they might still be alive and not terrorizing the innocent.

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9 thoughts on “Cigarettes Are Disgusting”

  1. The second hand smoke alone will make the stripper girls age like hell. If you make your living on looks, one of worse things you can do is smoke.

  2. LOL you’re not gonna like me much. I’ve been smoking cigarettes for the last 14 years at least. But I always take care not to blow smoke in anyone’s face, not even the smokers.

    In smoker’s etiquette, it’s considered rude and an invasion of personal privacy to involve non-smokers in any way. If there are children around, I just move a distance.

    The good thing is I rarely smoked in my teens: in fact, on my “first strike”, I was 19. Some kids pick up tobacco at age 11 or 12 which is mostly due to neglectful parents.

    I turned 23 by the time I became a regular. But I’ve had extended gap periods up to six months. I tried quitting many times.

    I also smoke extremely mild filters. You ingest 80% less tar compared to a regular cigarette.

    I enjoy a swim and a workout.

  3. I went to a strip club recently

    Are you allowed to touch female strippers in America? I mean not in a sexual assault way but just a complimentary “grab and go”. Maybe offer her a cigarette which is what I used to do. Some small talk and flirting to break the ice. Not talking about any paid lap dances.

    My rule is the girl has to be OK with you touching her. If she fiercely resists, stop it immediately.

    I don’t go to strip clubs generally. I did when I was in my 20s and early 30s, that too mostly as a wingman for other horny dudes.

    Different countries, different rules on this.

    1. I don’t think you are supposed to touch them at all, though I have only been to strip clubs twice in my life.

      Looked it up. You have to ask first. She might or might not allow it, but you h have to ask first. If you touch them without asking, you are looking at trouble.

      1. Must be something, right? Beautiful blonde chicks with a Midwestern or Southern accent. I bet most men visiting these parlors are the horny Latinos or Middle Eastern types. They’ve got money to blow.

        In 2015, I met a Mexican dude hailing from Baja region in Poland. We went together to a strip club there (his idea, not mine). He just couldn’t have enough of the beautiful blonde strippers. For some unknown reason, he was behaving as if he saw them the first time in his life. I was like:

        Dude. Knock it off.

        We had just arrived from a nightclub filled to the brim with beautiful Polish girls of all hair colors. I already had the time of my life. But, Jose or Miguel or whatever (I forgot his name) wasn’t done.

        I think he spent like 300 Zloties (75 Euros) on the lap dances alone, which I reasoned was his problem, not mine. And he also covered my beer, which is all I wanted from that place.

        I wouldn’t spend a single cent of my own money, so I just conversed with the strippers for a while and offered them cigarettes. They ransacked my pockets and emptied them of the coins and condoms I was carrying and took away my handkerchief and all my cigarettes. And the cigarette lighter.

        Gawd, I tell you the whores can be like maneaters. But they will never touch your phone or wallet. It’s called hookers’ professional etiquette. Fair enough!

        That’s why I never carry any credit cards when I go to such sleazy places.

        Coming back to Jose or Eduardo or whatever, I didn’t know Mexicans had so much money to burn (his American employer must be paying him rather well). The Polish strippers invited him inside for a “private session” and added this bit…“your friend can come inside too, and WATCH for free.” That would have cost him an additional 2000 Zloties (500 Euros).

        The horny Mexican dude immediately agreed. He got up and waved his credit card. I still can’t forget that stupid look on his face:

        Here. Do you accept American Express?

        The Polish whores immediately grabbed that American Express and were about to swipe it fast. It was now time for me to intervene. I physically prevented them from using the card:

        Don’t. He’s too drunk to consent. He doesn’t really want a private session. So back off.

        The girls started cursing me:

        What’s your problem, man? Don’t interfere in our business.

        I told them:

        I’m calling the police if you don’t hand me over that card right now.

        I had to literally drag that drunken spic out of that hole and took him to our hostel, where he immediately dropped dead on his bunk bed. When he woke up, I swear he was really pissed at me:

        Dude, what’s your problem? I was having fun, the best moment of my life. You ruined it.

        I told him:

        You were too drunk and I saved your ass.

        Some thanks I got for preventing him from getting scammed.

        This spic couldn’t see the strippers were only taking advantage of him. Needless to say, we never spoke again, although we remained friends on Facebook. I mean I had no need to care, but I wouldn’t allow a friend to be ripped off on my watch.

        Seriously, this Mexican had a voracious appetite for blonde chicks. Only the horny Arab dudes come any closer in their blonde fetish. One look at blonde girls and they just melt completely.

        I don’t understand the appeal: it’s just a goddamned hair color.

        1. Last time I got my haircut, I was pondering blondism, as even a brown-skinned black-haired man there was dying his hair blonde. They often use blondes in film to represent Whites. It may appeal to very simple love of what’s different. Imagine finding chicks with a new natural hair color. Must be like finding a new race. Maybe why Moors were depicted as Black, the Black ones among them stood out.

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