Alt Left: Geniuses, Male/Female and White/Black

Geniuses, in addition to being brilliant, are often either weird (Einstein) or nuts (Sam Peckinpah, Hemingway, Phil Spector).

Because in order to take the creative process to its ultimate heights, you really have to leave this earthly world and ascend up beyond that to the world of Gods, as the Greeks used to say.

And when you truly leave the Earth, you enter the world of the sky, Gods and spiritual beings good and bad, madness, strangeness, and otherworldly-ness. In a sense, you sort of have to go nuts to produce truly great art. If you’re not nuts enough, you’re just to normie to ascend like that.

Sanity, in addition to all the great things it is, is, after all, also mediocrity, the quotidian world or work, home, strict social rules, and complete suppression of dreams, feelings, and really anything wild. The 9-5 world of rush hour and cubicles doesn’t tolerate wildness very well. One reason I usually get fired after a year or so, I suppose.

Check out Otto Weininger on genius and Nietzsche on the ubermensch.

Traditionally from the Greeks on it was thought that only men could access this sort of perfect Platonic concept of genius because men were of the sky, beyond the earth to the airy world of pure ideas which most women, even those with genius IQ’s hate like the plague.

The world of the woman is the world of people, babies, children, friends, lovers, husbands, sons, daughters, and parents. In order words, the world of the earth.

The Greeks said that women were “of the earth” and that men were “of the sky” or at least could try to be. Which one is closer to God? Get it?

This is often thought to be a misogynistic attitude, but I think it’s just true. Of course there are many brilliant women, including geniuses, but have you ever noticed how many of the female pure geniuses in the above sense (the airy world of pure ideas) are rather mannish, masculine, or even full-blown lesbians? Start with genius Laurie Anderson, and she’s not even a dyke. Female philosophers? Try Anita Rondell. Lesbian.

Weininger actually said that women were simply incapable of genius. He thought that if there ever to were to be a female genius, she would probably be a lesbian. Bang on.

Now I am not saying that being of the sky is better than being of the Earth or any of that. Women surely don’t feel that way. They think the world of the sky is the world of men. They also think it is unsufferably boring and find it incomprehensible how and why men would even endeavor to live in such a world. I’ve had brilliant women ask me this?

Why would you even do something like that?

About my crazy herculean projects like cataloguing all of the German and Chinese dialects or languages? To her it was incomprehensible. Why would anyone waste their time doing such a stupid and boring thing. Makes no sense.

This is why most women, even those with IQ’s over 140, are not pure intellectuals in the male sense of the world meaning the airy world of ideas and pure concepts torn loose from all of their Earthly moorings.

But who cares about geniuses anyway? What’s a genius?

There are plenty of brilliant women out there, and the female genius tends to a performer of pure emotion. I listed Marianne Faithful as a teenager and then in her 40’s as an example of “the female genius.” So it’s not that female geniuses do not exist, but it’s more that they take a different form of “pure emotional (feelings)” genius rather than “pure intellectual (thought) genius.”

I also think that Black people have a certain type of genius that I call “the Black genius.” It’s also quite different from the “White male genius.” It’s not inferior, it’s just different, and there are few if any male geniuses who seem to think and behave like the Black male genius.

A shocking number of brilliant Blacks, usually men, embody this rather strange type of genius. Few if any Black women do so this is really the Black male genius.” But to search for the “Black female genius,” perhaps once again we have to look into the world of pure emotion, like Ronnie Spector above, Billie Holiday, Tina Turner, or Pam Grier, the actress.

Catch my drift?

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12 thoughts on “Alt Left: Geniuses, Male/Female and White/Black”

  1. Did you ever see the Unsolved Mysteries segment that featured a Black child female genius as well as a White and Asian boy genius?

  2. The perfect analogy, echoed by mythology.

    I’m not for abandoning women but I know for a fact a young &/or attractive one will stunt men. I think older, masculine, and uglier women have this potential, as they still have a little feminine girl in them. Even passable female to male transgenders have a touch of what they were born as. I feel I can see it in the eyes. I’ve also had real butch women try to comfort me like nurturing mothers.

    So just one woman brings a group of truly intellectual men down from the clouds to butt heads, mate, etc. on Earth and not continue upwards. Enjoy women one on one, as a falcon swooping down on a more earthbound hare.

  3. Yeah, definitely Blacks are genius at music – jazz, funk – you name it. Also, they’re good at public speaking. But of course, White Supremacists will hate on them anyway and dismiss any positive.

  4. Blacks should be separated from the bleeding hearts, especially White women. I’ve seen too much Black tokenism, I think this has a weakening effect. Take a teacher that favors Blacks. The White students are neglected and the Black can write “ooga booga” on a test and pass. I’ve seen a liberal White male teacher friend look past a Black stealing from him and go on about how great he is.

    Women seem worse. I think it comes from their nurturing nature and lack of reason. When you were talking about a woman you knew just wanting to spend all day with a baby in baby mode, I’ve seen women do the same with blacks.

    Think these tokeners are free of hate, pop in blindside, or question their sacred Black cows in any way? Cosby was probably better for Blacks than all these Whites who treat Blacks as a handicap, even today.

    1. Think these tokeners are free of hate, pop in Blindside or question their sacred black cows in any way.

      Do not understand the comment, sorry.

    2. Would Bill Cosby advocate segregation, slavery, or deportation? Nope.

      Yes, of course, Blacks need to accept responsibility. But then they would be better Americans, and that wouldn’t be good for White Supremacists, would it – LOL?

      1. Maybe for his accusers he might.

        My point is tokenizing blacks isn’t good for anyone involved. I’m all for Blacks bettering themselves. The ones in America have already done it. But I’m not for it where there’s coddling, mind you. White Supremacy will never work again unless Whites become more mind-focused like Asians. The Old White Era is gone.

  5. People who tokenize blacks get filled with rage when watching movies where they see even fictional racist Whites. In The Help the “evil White lady” may just eat shit pie, but in real life they want her dead.

    In film, Black victim characters often are saintly, suavely brush off the racists, and are the bigger man. Many viewers lack this cool head. In their head most Americans are still doing giant Klan parades. Blacks are their sacred cow. Go to their social media. It’s all White on black violence. The seed of hate itself can seem small, but it grows in people until they despise Whites in general. They see red and are irrational, blind to the other side.

    1. There’s plenty of hate still in America, and racist White women would give shit pies to antiracists. In fact, now the racists are the victims being persecuted – LOL.

      Case in point: the cool persecuted people in the school are racists, so everyone gangs up on the antiracist nerd. Another case: a racist White woman plays around with Blacks or maybe her sister, and then vents her rage and messed up feelings (for either her or her sister) – on the designated victim antiracist.

      1. Another case: a racist White woman plays around with blacks or maybe her sister, and then vents her rage and messed up feelings (for either her or her sister) – on the “designated victim antiracist”.

        I am sorry. I don’t understand this question at all. Was it written incorrectly by chance? Could you explain what you meant here?

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