The Chinese Master Race

They think they have it all under control like Hitler and the Nazis, but could they stop the new virus?

The Chinese are at the forefront of eugenics and populations control, and by the way, population control was a vast disaster. There is too much a gender imbalance because Chinese sexism causes girls to get aborted, leaving, of course, thousands of angry single men.

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One thought on “The Chinese Master Race”

  1. China-Southern Europe. Japan-Northern Europe. I worry about Fukushima harming the ocean.

    Asians rank the highest in a lot of things. They are the most agreeable race overall. I’ve mostly good experiences with them. I like the European world more, especially its architecture and land. But as far as today’s people, on average, Asians likely are the best race. Asians are as lovable as pandas.

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