Alt Left: Humans Are Actually a Lot More Primitive Than You Think

We discussed in a previous post how your wife or girlfriend becomes your surrogate mother.

But there are other choices.

If she’s 20 years younger than you, she becomes your lover and your daughter! You become her lover and her father.

Nobody talks about this stuff, but humans are pretty damned primitive. We are basically these giant hairless monkeys walking around on two legs trying to fool ourselves into thinking we aren’t animals, or at least mammals, anymore. It’s a conceit.

Freud was right in a sense that human deep psychology at the psyche level is extremely primitive and doesn’t operate on a logic at all. I mean it does but it operates on “crazy logic,” not “sane logic.”

Anyway this is just the way we are. This the trap we are in. This hole was dug for each of us before we were born, and we’re stuck in it your whole life.

Once you acknowledge that you are nothing but a Goddamned lowly animal, a mammal like those things running around in the woods or flopping in the ocean, it’s such a liberating feeling. Living a lie can be toxic at times. Throwing off a lie and embracing the cold hard truth can often be like lifting a 75-pound back off your back.

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One thought on “Alt Left: Humans Are Actually a Lot More Primitive Than You Think”

  1. Hmong seem great at fundamental knowledge. Perhaps closer to nature than Westerners yet still highly intelligent. Masters of nature and nurture.

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