Coronavirus Update

My first coronavirus post. I hope to have more later on.

Look here for the best site on coronavirus numbers, updated daily and even more often than that, every hour and often even at intervals in the hour.

Presently worldwide:

  • 20,639 confirmed cases
  • 427 fatalities


  • Over 600 critical
  • 2,788 serious
  • 632 recovered
  • 23,214 suspected

The virus appears to be much worse than reported or reported at the moment. Thread discussing that here. There are reports of 1 million infected and up to 30,000 dead. It’s really a serious matter. The Lancet estimates that there are 74,000 infections, and that was several days ago. There are videos of nurses in China saying that there are 90-100,000 people infected, and that was a week ago.

There are videos of people literally dropping on the streets. There are other videos of people just lying in the streets or hospital corridors until someone takes them away. There is a video of a hospital with three dead people in the hallway. They’d been there all morning.

There are reports that Wuhan’s crematoria, which normally burn four hours a day, have been burning 24 hours for days now. These reports also state that bodies are being burned without being identified as coronavirus cases. There are also reports that many coronavirus cases are simply being diagnosed as pneumonia.

However, in support of the Chinese government, there is a huge shortage of test kits, which were only recently developed anyway. They only have 2,000 test kits in Wuhan, so they can only test 2,000 people a day. Until they test someone, they cannot diagnose coronavirus.

On the other hand, it may be important for the government to cover this up, at least for now. Let the truth come out later.

If they tell the truth, the resulting total panic all across China will probably kill more people than the virus. The Chinese economy, already taking a hit from this, will blow up. A lot of countries will refuse products from China, especially fruits, vegetables, and meats. Many of the large corporations who have overseas factories might close up or even move to another country.

Everyone knows this is a big deal. The whole city of Wuhan is locked down. When you to the supermarket or any state building, a government employee is standing right there to take your temperature. The state is delivering free meals to many people who are stuck in their apartments. Cars were banned, but the resulting uproar caused them to be unbanned. The roads going out of Wuhan are all blocked with barricades. No one can go in or out.

And now a number of other cities in Hubei Province are locked down too. For now, the problem is mostly confined to Hubei Province, especially Wuhan. There have been a mere eight deaths in the rest of China.

The Chinese government incredibly enough built a huge hospital in Wuhan with 1,000 beds in only six days! There is another new hospital in Wuhan due to come online on Wednesday, February 6, with another 1,000 beds.

Existing hospitals have only 30 isolation units per hospital. People who are severely ill need to be in ICU units, but those are also in severe undersupply. But that’s not uncommon. In the UK for instance, there are 6,000 ICU units for the whole country of 80 million people. How would the UK fare with an epidemic the size of China’s? Pretty poorly.

The state has massively ramped up the manufacture of surgical masks, as there are shortages everywhere. There are even shortages in places like Australia, as local Chinese are mass buying surgical masks to send back home. Many physicians and nurses from all over China are converging on Wuhan. Many are Communist Party members.

Hospitals are overflowing with people wanting to be tested or worried that they might have the virus. There is a shortage of beds and isolation units, so the hospitals are having to triage and just focus on the worst cases and forget about everyone else.

A lot of people who seem like they have the disease are simply handed some pills (or maybe not) and told to go home and wait it out. A number of people have died in their homes. Everyone in Wuhan and many in other parts of China are wearing masks. Hospital workers are completely suited up.

There has been a huge hullabaloo about China arresting eight physicians who reported on the case very early on. They are being called whistleblowers. There is a lot of anti-China propaganda going on about these whistleblowers.

However, the whistleblowers all got released and had compensation paid to them. The Supreme Court ordered it. So you can see there is quite a bit of democracy in the party, and there are even some separation of powers in the government.

China’s not a complete dictatorship. There are 500 legal demonstrations in China every single day. There are all sorts of organizations that have sprung up about just about every issue or interest to some area: dialects, flooding, pollution, you name it. Most are legal and local Communist Party (CP) officials are often involved.

Also if China is so horrible, why does the CP have 8

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9 thoughts on “Coronavirus Update”

  1. Almost all deaths, serious and critical cases are limited to China. That too they were mostly contained within one province, Hebei.

    I’d say the Chinese authorities did a pretty brilliant job in controlling the contagion. Remember the 2003 SARS epidemic? Even that time they were able to control it within a few months.

    Now compare these numbers with the Spanish Flu which infected nearly 500 million people in 1918 (nearly a third of the world population then) and wiped out 5 percent of the world population.

    Looks like this Corona-Morona thing will settle down in a matter of weeks. No need to get agitated. If you’re not living in China, you’re unlikely to die from it.

    Thanks for the link share. I just bookmarked it. In your face to all the scaredy cats and rumormongers. Fuck the news channels and normies who exaggerate everything.

  2. We gotta ban immigration/travel from Asia. Our country couldn’t handle this.

    Well, anyway, this was bound to happen with all the bio-war research going on.

    1. Yeah I actually do not think this is a bio-engineered weapon, at least not one from China. Maybe from one of China’s enemies. If it came out of China, it would have come from a lab doing basic research. But even that’s unlikely.

      At the moment, the best guess is that it evolved in bats and then went from bats to people either directly or via another species. The last one went from bats to polecats to people. This may have occurred at that market where live wildlife was sold for food.

        1. It’s possible but it’s not proven yet. It might be hard to prove at any rate. There are definitely some pretty weird things going on with this virus all right. And I know that the scumbags who run our country would be more than capable of doing something like this, especially at this desperate moment of declining empire when the US seems more psychopathic than at any time in recent memory.

          1. Well, the article I posted noted that all these viruses seem to be attacking China, and are even Asian gene-specific. Also, some noted scientists are saying these are man made, not viruses jumping from animals.

  3. The disproportionate deaths amongst older Chinese men that crackpots are claiming “proves” it’s bioengineered to kill Asian Men. Either “By the CIA” or “By the Chinese Government to cull the gender imbalance” can easily be explained by the fact that Chinese men smoke like chimneys and surely a nasty new virulent respiratory virus would have it’s worst effect on old smokers beginning to exhibit COPD.

    1. The theory that China did this to itself is insane, of course. As far as the bioweapon theory goes, I regard it as interesting but unproven so far. The kooks who promote this theory also say that Lyme disease, Ebola, Marburg, HIV, SARS, and MERS were all bioweapons too. Serious kookjobs.

    2. OK…

      So there are people out there who think that elderly Chinese, who survived the Great Leap Forward, the Cultural Revolution, and industrial pollution are now engaging in self-destructive behavior by smoking!??!?!?!

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