Bio-Weapons or from Nature?

I think AIDS and the Coronavirus could be bio-weapons. In fact, the whole thing with AIDS coming from monkeys (What all would those sex-crazed Africans be doing making out with monkeys – LOL?) or Coronavirus coming from bats is a big coverup.

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2 thoughts on “Bio-Weapons or from Nature?”

  1. The Royal family doesn’t get cancer. I doubt they get AIDS either. Princess Diana pioneered AIDS acceptance.

    I believe Royals and other elites are kid-fucking evildoers. Jimmy Saville was chummy with the Royals and was seemingly given free reign to do anything. Jimmy was a Satanic sex cult wizard. I believe these types are given a place among elite. Princess Diana via the Royals and Peaches Geldof via OTO may have gotten glimpses of this darkness. Disgusted by what they saw they may have been killed to keep them silent, to keep the secret.

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