Of Course the Cultural Left Is Engrossed in Hate, Just Like the White Supremacists

Yep, and they need a reality check and maybe a trip to the woodshed too! But this is all metaphorical because nobody would ever really do that.

For the past 50 years, probably with the help of Jews looking to prevent another Holocaust, they’ve mocked and ridiculed small town people in the USA  and other western nations. Now that’s not saying a number of these folks didn’t have it coming, but it was way overboard, and they rubbed it in too much to boot.

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5 thoughts on “Of Course the Cultural Left Is Engrossed in Hate, Just Like the White Supremacists”

    1. Oh, I don’t know. I’m pro-choice. I don’t think Republicans do anything about stopping the Cultural Left. Everyone who hates the Cultural Left votes Republicans, but what do the Republicans ever do about it? Nothing. I also would not support it because I am pro-choice.

    2. Obama losing would have looked bad for African Americans. Anyhow, we don’t need another black president – cause it’s just more fuel for “the little brats” (white supremacists) who want more normie right with their cause.

      Unfortunately childish feelings of racism do resonate somewhat with the normal right – but way below that seen with WNs.

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