2 thoughts on “But Where Are the Parents?”

  1. I’d never abandon my kids. Satan was originally an angel of God, JC was originally a Jew. We can all fall or be saved.

  2. Let me tell you a funny story:

    Two of my cousins are married to guys who saw bands like the Dead Kennedys, Bad Brains, Reagan Youth, etc in the 80’s when I was way too young. I became curious about them because of my religion teacher, ironically enough (I went to a Catholic high school).

    When we had a lesson on the evils of contemporary music, he would go on about how evil the Sex Pistols were. The Pistols broke up in 1978 and had been broken up for over a decade by that point. Way to stay current. He also thought “Comfortably Numb” by Pink Floyd was the most evil song ever, and he hated Ozzy.

    If anything, he made me even more interested in the subject (I was really into Guns ‘n’ Roses at the time). I went to my cousin’s husband and asked him about the Pistols. He played “Anarchy in the UK” for me; then played the following:

    * Let Them Eat Jellybeans (A 1982 comp with punk bands on one side and art rock bands on the other)

    * Flex Your Head (a 1982 Comp of bands from the Washington DC area)

    * Dead Kennedys: In God We Trust Inc EP

    * Circle Jerks: Wild in the Streets

    …and I was blown away. My interest in heavier stuff was pretty solidified by that point, and it’s all thanks to my religion teacher.

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