Watching True Romance

Written by Tarantino. This was his second movie, after Reservoir Dogs and before Pulp Fiction. I’m really enjoying it! Anyone else seen it? Comment if you have.


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5 thoughts on “Watching True Romance”

    1. “You know what that means?”

      “No, what does that mean?

      “It means you’re an eggplant!”

      “An eggplant, huh?”


      “LOL well you know what?”


      “You’re a cantaloupe!”

  1. A lot of Tarantino characters are “nigger guys,” but they are far from one dimensional. Even Jason admits forced PC-ness ruins movies.

    I say the lack of PC adds to the richness. There is beauty in the morally grey areas. A perfectly set table by slaves on a plantation. A “Nazi” dying with dignity at the hands of a less noble savage Jew, etc. Tarantino has touched on this. Real life isn’t as simple as good guy, bad guy, and apple pie.

    1. Forced PC as in diversity in shows where it “seems forced”. Well, that might be O.K. for some shows but not Star Wars.

      Also, of course, if people walk on eggshells on every word, we cannot show life realistically.

    2. Yeah, a lot of Tarantino’s Blacks are a bunch of niggers LOL. But they’re very interesting and even somewhat likeable. Anyway, they’re often not stupid. He’s portraying Black criminals. Who, for the most part, are a bunch of niggers LOL. I really like Samuel L. Jackson’s characters, even if they’re motherfuckers. They’re so real! Tarantino’s characters are real.

      I rather like Tarantino’s niggers LOL. For some reason I don’t hate them like the real life kind you meet and read about. Maybe because they’re not real?

      And Tarantino’s Whites are often complete shits and real racists to boot. Like lots of White lowlifes, you know? I like Tarantino’s White scum too. And I don’t like the real life kind. Once again, because they’re not real?

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