Ha ha. Wasted tonight. It only takes me three or four drinks anymore. This is embarrassing, but does anybody else do this?

At about three or four drinks, I start spilling my drink all over myself. Ha ha. That would be a drink in a glass. Not a beer in a bottle. But it’s so embarrassing that I am such a lightweight.

Tonight. Tequila, Seltzer water and fruit juice (Cran-apple and Pink Cranberry). Try it, you’ll like it, ha ha.

Drinking? Ha ha. I hate to say it but at my age, life is simply not that great.

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4 thoughts on “Wasted”

  1. Take up Karate. It will change your outlook towards life. Never too late to learn: students in Okinawa know their Kata well until the 80s and 90s.

    Don’t feel down in the dumps. You owe it to me and many others who follow you. Keep fighting on, damnit!

    You won’t die in a hospital. If I’m alive, you’ll die at an orgy! There, now stay motivated.

    1. My dad is at least eight years older than you (don’t know his real age). How come he’s so much more motivated than you? He still smokes his cigars like Burt Reynolds, Humphrey Bogart, or whatever.

      He has a huge fan following on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. Always blabbers a lot about politics, economy, and other subjects. Surprisingly, I never added him on my Facebook. All the young women are so intrigued – I probably have the coolest dad in the world. But it also makes me feel inadequate.

      Learn something from my old man: he’s from a different era altogether but very youngish at heart.

      1. Well, I write every day, usually several posts. That’s something. I’m not really down in the dumps. I’m fairly happy. It’s just certain aspect of my life definitely blow and there ain’t nothing I can do about it. I try to do things I enjoy all day though to keep myself in a positive mood.

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