Why I Write about Race or Psychology Stuff

I can do that right off the top of my head with no research. It’s quite easy for me to cook up a post. I have a ton of material about world events that I could put up too, but it seems like it would be a lot more of an effort. I often want to include some links or Twitter tweets, and that stuff takes time. So I take the easy way out. In case you were wondering, anything I can dash off right away without hunting down links and research is preferred.

I’m also a horrible procrastinator and I’m terribly sensitive about my writing. People attack my posts and it spins me into a writing depression or block that can last days. I’ve been trying to talk myself out of it for years, but I just can’t.

And I just get blocked a lot. I worry that my posts aren’t good enough. Not to brag but the only writers I ever knew who got blocked were very good writers. People who  can’t write don’t care what they put up, so they’re rarely blocked. Good writers are perfectionists, they criticize themselves a lot, and it’s common to not think their stuff is good enough.

Writers, especially good writers, tend to be a humble lot. Lousy writers often think they write fine. That’s the thing: people who are lousy at something think they are great, and people who are great at something think they suck.

I see writers all the time who can write me under the damned table. I see them, and I think, “I will never be able to write like that no matter how hard I try.” Most of us secretly think we suck, and we think a lot of other writers are better than we are, so we spend out lives trying to write like our betters.

Whether we make it or not, it probably does improve one’s prose. There’s something to be said for being a perfectionist and a serious self-critic as long, as it doesn’t cause inertia and freeze you up. Butt-kicking isn’t a freezing agent.

I have a lot of stuff about the Coronavirus. I’m thinking of putting it up. I also have a lot more Iran stuff that I can put up. But I tend to be insecure about that stuff and end procrastinating forever. Which I am also notorious for. Oh well, JRR Tolkien was a horrible procrastinator. But look at all the books he wrote anyway.

I think most of us procrastinate, some more than others. Probably introverts more than extroverts. Feel free to discuss procrastination in the comments, if you get around to it. If you’re too busy to talk about that subject, it’s ok, we’ll just put it off for another day, ok?

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One thought on “Why I Write about Race or Psychology Stuff”

  1. Amazing how much fantasy is based off Tolkien’s work. Gems of that genre. No one has set the bar as high as he has since. Creativity outweighs procrastination.

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