Watching Goodfellas Right Now

Ha ha, believe it or not, I have never seen it before. I am really enjoying it so far, about 16 minutes in. Most of you guys have seen the movie, as I see you talk about it a lot. You can use the comment section to discuss the flick if you wish.

Movie is here.

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8 thoughts on “Watching Goodfellas Right Now”

  1. I love all classic gangster flicks. Especially The Goodfellas, Reservoir Dogs, Taxi Driver, Scarface, Payback. Still have a Platinum DVD edition of The Godfather series, which a girlfriend gave on my 16th birthday. Although no one cares about DVDs anymore, it’s still a rare collectible worth a lot of money.

    1. Yes, it was awesome! It was so great, I’m having a hard time watching a new movie because I’m afraid it won’t measure up LOL.

  2. Hang em – after torture. I have no sympathy for them, not like on Casino. Well, the scene with the teen waiter getting shot at for entertainment – and then finally shot, about did it for me!

    1. Yeah, fuck Joe Pesci’s character. He was one piece of shit all right. That scene pissed me off too. DeNiro turned out to be a POS too. But Pesci got his in the end.

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