New Theory: What Makes a Racist Dangerous Is the Level of Supremacy for His Own Race, Not So Much His Hatred of the Other Race

Jason: The NPD is certainly high with racists. Well, beyond the personal level, they certainly have racial narcissism. But of course they excuse it as “love for their own race”.

I think Jason makes an interesting  point that racial supremacists are narcissists in a sense – their racial supremacy being a form of narcissism in which their own narcissism is enlarged and placed on the entire group. In this sense, they are seeing their entire race as part of the self.

I would certainly agree that most true hardcore racists like White Supremacists or White nationalists are very angry people. And a lot of them are just flat out mean. Even the ones I thought were well-controlled had a deep meanness or even homicidality about them. Racists are not very nice people. And the hardcores, if you get to know them outside of their racism, they are often very mean people.

And a lot of racists do look rather “Cluster B,” that’s for damn sure. All that rage and hate looks Cluster B-ish. In particular, a lot of hardcore racists appear rather psychopathic. Most are not true psychopaths, but I assume that they have elevated scores on the PCL. They also act paranoid. They’re also projecting like maniacs.

And their racism does appear as egotism. Nationalism is like egotism writ large, with all of the same problems of egotism – I’m perfect, blaming everybody else, black and white thinking, no insight, the whole nine yards.

Really racism is just another Identity Politics. Most racists who are for their own group in a huge way are IP’ers. Others are not. Some White guy who says, “I don’t think much of White people, but I really don’t like Black people!” is not doing Cluster B, narcissism, psychopathy, or egotism. I think he’s just a cynic. Or perhaps a misanthrope. He’s unlikely to hurt Black people though. Cynics don’t usually shoot up malls. They’re too cynical to do anything that stupid.

It is the combination of extreme supremacy for their own race and extreme hatred for the other race that makes a racist dangerous. This looks like a paranoid. A paranoid has a grandiose sense of self and a vast hatred for the others, who are persecuting him. And racists definitely feel that they are being persecuted by the other race.

In that sense, it is so much of the level of hate that the racist has toward the others but more the degree of their own supremacy towards their own kind that predicts dangerousness in racists. Damn, what an interesting theory!

Also note another theory that racists are basically paranoids! Damn, I am on a roll tonight, huh?

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17 thoughts on “New Theory: What Makes a Racist Dangerous Is the Level of Supremacy for His Own Race, Not So Much His Hatred of the Other Race”

    1. Let’s just say that once you look underneath the hood of those genteel White Supremacists like those guys, you can definitely often find an underlying viciousness and cruelty towards their racial enemies.

      I’m not going to comment on Taylor, as I have known him for many years and I don’t want to talk crap about him on my site. Let’s just say he puts on a pretty good show, and he’s mannered and genteel 99% of the time, but I don’t think he’s warm-hearted towards his racial enemies, ok? Let’s just leave it at that for now.

      Duke was head of the KKK. He’s not a very nice person. No Grand Dragon of the KKK is a nice person.

      Ram Z Paul is pretty genteel, but I would imagine that if you watched him long enough, you might see something nasty under the hood. I’d have to study Ram Z Paul at length. I have a feeling he’s not Mr. Nice Guy 100% of the time.

      These guys cover it up most of the time, but every now and then the hood lifts, and you can see something ugly in that engine in their heads.

      All three of those guys put on a pretty good show though, let’s put it that way. Those three are outliers though. Your average White Nationalist or White Supremacist is a pretty damned nasty and mean person, vastly less polite and genteel than those three.

      Especially the ones you see on sites like Occidental Dissent, VNN, Occidental Quarterly, Countercurrents, Majority Rights, etc. They’re fairly calm on American Renaissance, but not always. Like I said, sometimes they lift up the hood and it’s really shocking to see what’s underneath.

      Let’s just say that I don’t think they’re all obviously that way, but a Hell of a lot of those people are very mean, angry, cruel, and of course hateful people. It’s sort of hard to advocate for a philosophy like that without being an angry, hateful type person. I mean that’s what White nationalism is all about. It’s all about hate. Sorry, but it’s true.

  1. I posted on the previous site a while back that these people came across as a bunch of mean-spirited assholes. I think most agreed with my observation.

    1. Pretty much. They’re not very nice people. It’s not a movement for nice people. I hate to use the word but it actually is a hate movement. It’s not about love for Whites. It’s about hatred for non-Whites. Period.

  2. Ram Z seemed like he was just fooling around.

    Duke’s videos seem pretty tame these days. He regrets joining the Klan in his youth.

    Jared Taylor was used to high Japanese standards. He’s probably trying to bring Whites to this. If I were a Normie I’d feel comfortable citing some of a Jared Taylor book.

    The latter two seem introductory or trying to reach a broad audience. Which is likely more frustrating than just going to the extreme. I knew a Klansman on YouTube and still know a NS on Twitter.

    The two were worlds apart. The Klansman was White trash but he knew it, so he was humble in a way. He mostly made smoking vids that weren’t worth watching.

    The NS was mentored by a real National Socialist and is trying to help Whites improve themselves. I would say even normies could benefit from some of his philosophy, but they are more likely to just freak out and go “Eww, Nazi alert”. I wouldn’t join either group but they’re just regular guys IMO.

  3. I’m likely following some racial narcissists that have not crossed any lines. Similar interests I suppose. Even they are censored a bit, though it usually just makes places like Youtube, Facebook, etc. look bad. This actually may be the most effective racialism. Just focus on the positive of your specific group.

      1. Yes there are. My fav. Youtuber is one. The other side isn’t innocent. Are Whites to be saints while coloreds behave like savages? Silence the great White minds for Jewish psychobabble? It’s a stupid anti-White witch hunt.

  4. Another thing I’ve noticed is how whiny they are. For all their talk about white “supremacy”, they spent a lot of time bitching, pissing, and moaning.

    1. Not sure you want the alternative. When the Klan was more feared, they were burning houses, killing, etc. Today SPLC seems like they blow evil Whitey out of proportion. Years ago (((they))) might’ve been right.

      1. There’s more hate than it seems. Honestly, any hate isn’t tolerable and the hate today is more than some idiot saying the “n word” or something.

  5. Jason wrote an article on a basketball star’s death. He pondered what Stormfront would think about this. So I went over there and checked it out. There was a long 20+ page thread about Kobe Bryant. Many commenters were upset about the death of the White victims on the plane. Making it sound they wouldn’t care about non-Whites dying.

    One commenter bitterly complained in the thread. He said this is why no one take us seriously. We come across as a hate group. Well, duh!

  6. Yeah, as @Robert Lindsay was saying, of course, supremacy is the worst thing. I mean, we can’t make everyone kiss and hold hands, but the point being, if everyone stays of our way, then fine. However, supremacist views will lead to trouble, no doubt.

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