Why Do I Talk So Much about Black People, Jews, Indians, Etc. on Here?

A lot of people want to know this. The fact is that I am absolutely fascinated by racial issues! And I’m also a race realist for better or for worse. At the very least I would like to point out that at the moment there are some serious behavioral differences among races, ethnic groups, and religious people. I’m not saying what caused it. I’m just saying it’s there.

But you can’t say that nowadays because everyone’s a dindu. Everyone except for straight White men that is. We’re pure evil.

So my task as a race realist is to try to look at race realism (and ethnic, religious and for that matter gender, sexual orientation, and gender identity realism) in a liberal, progressive, or even Leftist light. Now a lot of people would say that’s impossible and that by being a race realist, I am automatically a rightwinger, conservative, reactionary, Rightist, or fascist.

I am absolutely fascinated by Jews! In a way, I am obsessed with them but not in the way that Judeophiles and anti-Semites are. I’m not in either category.

And keep in mind that I was going to convert to Judaism recently! Obviously I’m a huge antisemite if I was going to convert! I had a Jewish girlfriend and I told her I wanted to convert and she was going to help me. I have no idea why I wanted to convert. Probably just to be perverse. Or to stick it to all the idiots screaming antisemite at me.

My Mom was flustered:

Mom: Why do you want to convert to Judaism? Nobody wants to convert to Judaism. If you go to a rabbi and tell him you want to convert, he will look at you like you are nuts and ask, “Why on Earth do you want to be a Jew?” It’s like no sane person would actually want to be a Jew.

Me: I don’t know, Mom. I just want to be a Jew. Xxxxx is Jewish and I want to convert for her. She’s going to help me convert.

Mom: Well, another thing. You’re going to get a lot of prejudice. A lot of people are going to hate you. There will be discrimination. You want to be discriminated against? Why?

Me: I don’t care about discrimination, Mom. A lot people act like they hate me anyway. So not much will change.

(Shakes her head like I’m out of my mind.)

I am also absolutely fascinated by antisemitism. I had no negative feelings towards Jews at all until I was 44, and I started to find out what they were really like. But I had been around them most of my life. Now that I look back, they were pretty typically Jewish, but for some reason that never bothered me at the time.

I was always mystified. “Why on Earth to people hate the Jews?” I simply couldn’t figure it out. We were brought up in this silly Judeophilic family. Both of my parents had grown up with Jews and had many Jewish friends. Every time the subject of Jews came up, my parents acted like they were the greatest thing since Kleenex. They got these huge smiles on their faces, and it was like the Jews were some sort of super-race. Which of course is exactly what Jews think.

I still find antisemitism absolutely fascinating. I still wonder why on Earth people hate Jews. Why did they hate them in the past? Why did they hate them in Europe during World War 2? What did Jews act like back then?

Why were they hated and persecuted in Europe in the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Early Middle Ages? Why on Earth did they get thrown out of 109 countries? How did Jews behave back then? What could they possibly have done to get tossed out of nation after nation? I’m baffled.

The antisemites will say it’s because Jews are pure evil. Well, I’m not buying that, sorry.

Everyone else will say that Jews were dindus who dindu nuffin, and everyone just picked on them for no reason at all and scapegoated them when bad times hit. For some reason this doesn’t resonate much with me, though this is the only view you are allowed to have, as it’s the only (((approved view))).

If you meet a guy who tells you he’s been to 109 bars in your city, and he gets thrown out of every bar for absolutely no reason at all, what do you think? Is he really getting thrown out for no reason at all? Yeah right.

If you meet a guy who tells you he’s lived in 109 cities and towns all over the world, and everywhere he goes, everyone hates him, and they get together and try to throw him out of town for absolutely no reason at all, what do you think? Yeah right. I’m sure you got thrown out for no reason, dude!

I also find Blacks fascinating. Unfortunately, I am also absolutely fascinated by anti-Black racism. Why do people hate Blacks? What’s the reason?  Its’ fascinating! Why, why, why, why? Racists will say it’s because Blacks are pure evil, but I’m not buying it.

Blacks and antiracists will say it’s because people hate them because they’re different and how they look. I’m not buying that either. Forget it. No one is innocent. Remember when Ronald Biggs said that? He was right.

They will say, like the Jews, that racism against Blacks is so unfathomable that it is basically a mental illness. You’d have to be crazy to hate Black people. The unspoken assumption here is that Black people are dindus who dindu nuffin because if they did do bad things, racism against them wouldn’t be completely insane. See?

Well, that definitely lets Black people off the hook, but I’m not buying it. I’ve been observing racism and racists for much of my life, and I assure you they’re not nuts. Racism is not a mental disorder in any of the DSM’s, though there were efforts by antiracist clinicians to get it into DSM-5. The American Psychiatric Association found this so ridiculous that I don’t believe they even bothered to discuss it.

And they talked about some pretty weird stuff like Hebephilia, a preference for pubescent-aged minors. The APA agreed that Hebephilia was absolutely not a mental disorder. Not only that but they said it wasn’t even abnormal. It was perfectly normal to get aroused by minors of that age. Now if they won’t list Hebephilia for Chrissake, how the Hell are they going to list racism? They’re not, because racists aren’t nuts.

Sure, some crazy people are racists, but it’s not the racism that’s making them nuts. More like the other way around.

Now you might think I am letting racists off the hook, right? Nope, not at all. To me, racism is not a mental illness. It’s not a question of sane vs. crazy. Neither is psychopathy. I don’t buy that psychopaths are nuts either. Forget it.

Instead racism and psychopathy are questions of good versus evil.

Psychopaths aren’t nuts, they’re just bad, or evil if you will. And racists aren’t nuts either. I see racism as a moral question. I believe that true, pure, hardcore racism is bad. It’s like a sin. Racists are acting bad. It’s like a form of evil. It’s not nuts to hate a whole race of humans, but to me it does seem wrong. As in morally wrong.

If you do that, you’re bad. You’re a bad person, at least in a sense. Now a lot of us are bad people to one degree or another. I’m not here to moralfag on people. But it’s better to be more good than bad. And if you are racist, you are being bad in that sense. If you want to be good instead, quit hating whole races.

Now I have no idea why, but Black  people will not accept that racism is a form of evil or bad behavior. Nope, it has to be a form of insanity. This is possibly because if you say racism is bad or evil, it implies that the racist has some valid reason to feel this way, but it’s more that he needs to control himself and act good instead of bad.

The race question in the US, like the Jewish Question, is completely insane. You’re either a hardcore racist where you hate Blacks and think they are evil, in which case you are a White Supremacist, White Nationalist, or just a racist. That seems like a crazy position, and I don’t like to go to boards like that. I don’t like to see all that hate against Blacks. It’s upsetting.

Ok, so overt extreme racism bothers you. Good for you. That means you have to take the other default position, which is that Blacks are dindus, everybody’s always picking on them, and all of the many problems of the Black community are 10

Well, those are your two positions.

Pick your poison. I’d like to choose a position halfway in between, sort of the Bill Cosby/Pat Moynihan position. Cosby argues that Black culture is the part of almost all Black problems. Those Blacks who are creating these problems are simply part of a bad culture. This culture causes them to act bad and do bad things.

I’ll go along with that. But if I do, I get tossed out of the second group (antis) and into the first group, the White Supremacists. Who I frankly despise.

So that’s what I am trying to do here. Work out a position on Jews, Blacks, and everyone and everything else that is opposed to the extremism of both the Left and the Right. Call it the Realism position.

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11 thoughts on “Why Do I Talk So Much about Black People, Jews, Indians, Etc. on Here?”

  1. Frantz Fanon wrote in depth about the problem of racism and its effects on Black people. He never contended that racism was a mental illness, however. He saw racism as essentially a type of defense reaction on the part of racists.

    Anti-racists don’t necessarily believe that racism is a mental illness. But their position is that if you want to understand racism, you must study racists. They are the source of it.

    1. The NPD is certainly high with racists. Well, beyond the personal level, they certainly have racial narcissism. But of course they excuse it as “love for their own race”.

    2. But their position is that if you want to understand racism, you must study racists. They are the source of it.

      Sure, you need to understand why they feel this way. I agree. The source of a person’s racism is internal to that person. That person has chosen to react in a racist manner towards an entire group of people. He didn’t have to react that way. He chose to. So we have to understand why he chose to feel that way.

      He saw racism as essentially a type of defense reaction on the part of racists.

      Now we are getting somewhere. It may well at least some of the time be a defense mechanism. I like that idea.

      1. A lot of them were “let down” by weak people. For instance, a mother who ignores their son is breeding resentment in the kid of course. Anyway, racist groups are all about “power”, and “purity,” and that’s why. It’s not like some kid rebelling against authoritarian parents but rather the opposite. In other words, these psychos want more order, discipline, and they are fearful of invasion, contamination.

        Oh, and as mentioned before, the narcissism is off the charts.

        1. Damn, Jason, you’re kicking ass tonight. I never thought of all this stuff about racists and racism before in my whole life. I’m seeing it now for the first time. And all these windows in my head are opening right up. It’s awesome!

          1. Empowering your extended family, not harnessing the power like a He-Man. Without some degree of purity, nothing matters. Can good Blacks control the murderous street thugs? Can a small Jew take on Elite Jews? Sometimes the villain is stronger. These influential negative outliers are shit for everyone. As Robert’s stats suggest, bad Blacks are even worse for Blacks. Little Jews will likely get thrown out with the filthy bath water.

  2. 109 countries…holy crap. I never met a single Jew until I traveled abroad for the first time.

    But a few interactions with them kindled the anti-Semite in me. They’re good to you only if money’s involved somewhere. It’s not just a stereotype; IMO it’s the absolute Gospel of Shylock.

    There is a Gujarati community in India that are extremely Jewish-like in their attitude towards life. Almost kindred spirits. In the USA, this community gets along excellently with Jewish business partners. Money is like oxygen to them. Needless to say, I absolutely despise the Gujarati mofos as well; never liked one so far.

    Certain Overseas Chinese people make very astute businessmen, not unlike the Gujaratis and the Jews. But they act much more honorably in my opinion.

    Most of the Muzz are pathetic businessmen; they only like to sit idle on a heap of cash as in the Gulf countries. But few know how to make money. However, that still works for me because money is not at the heart of what they do. They only care about praying to the Moon God 5 times a day and that is fine; at least their focus is away from something other than money.

    Black men only care about sex and getting laid. Sure, they need money to do that, but again, their lives revolve around “muh dick,” which is fine with me. I’m like that too. My closest spiritual connection would be the Negroes. We’re all homies and sheeit.

    The English mainly care about order, social status, cricket, and a cup of tea. Money is secondary to them. I hate their snobbish nature but it still works for me because the focus of life is again not money.

    The French only care about vacationing, fine alcohol, nightclubs, and smoking weed.

    The Japanese care about karate, sumo wrestling, Zen Buddhism, tea culture, and stuff like that. Very sophisticated people. I immediately like every single Japanese person because of their choices and tastes. Money is secondary to them although they might be making more money than the Jews.

    I can’t make up my mind about Americans. Most Americans are Jewish by habit if not nature. Money is the center of the American universe. It’s just that Gentile Americans are NICER about it compared to the actual kikes.

    I just find it very disconcerting to put money at the heart of everything you do. Sure it’s important but I don’t want to die chasing it.

    It’s not to say other races and people don’t have greedy people. Yes, all human beings are money-minded in some ways. But at least there is public shaming if you only care about money in most cultures.

    Not with the goddamned Jews.

  3. Dinduism is the newest, hottest faith on the block…

    And, oh yeah…

    Jewish Dinduism is supremely obnoxious. I have to put up with that shit every single day of my current life. If I say even something that implied a slight hint of something unfavorable above the Jews, my Jewish mother flies into the ultimate Hebraic screeching conniption.

    I think this ties directly into what you were talking about in another recent post. Even one tiny little innocuous joke is seen by the (((screecher))) as being a deadly, genocide-aspiring attack on the whole tribe.

    1. So you’re Jewish, huh? Well, nothing wrong with that. You seem like you’re one of the cool ones. Welcome aboard, my Jewish friend! Did I tell you I was going to convert recently LOL?

    2. Even one tiny little innocuous joke is seen by the (((screecher))) as being a deadly, genocide-aspiring attack on the whole tribe.

      I wonder what your Jewish mother would think of me. My peoples (the Hindus of India) have gotten along the best with Jewish settlers for over two thousand years. The word anti-Semitism never existed in these parts.

      However, that’s now history. I’ve had way too many unpleasant interactions with the Israeli scum, especially ex-military Palestinian killers. They’re just nasty human beings, every single one of them.

      I also ran into a lot of Jews in Antwerp, Belgium. They have huge ghettos all over that place. These were mostly Orthodox Jews wearing that helmet hat. Let’s just say they were not very pleasant people.

      I used to buy stuff from one of those Mr. Shylock-owned corner shops: dude always suspected me as an anti-Semite. I mean I was giving him money, all right? I might have visited his shop at least ten times, and he would only yell “3 Euros 40,” and that’s it! I tried to make conversation and he would rebuff me every time. Very rude!

      Then there is the backpacker scum (many are from Israel or Jewish in some capacity)…they usually come to places like Goa and Manali to smoke high quality weed and find spirituality. Never met one I liked.

      I’ve met some American Jews. Couldn’t tell the difference, but some of them were likable and cool.

      Mithridates? Are you an Iranian Jew by any chance..you know, like Dan Ahdoot?

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