Tribalism Over Any Ethics

Including child molestation etc…? South Koreans were massively saddened by Michael Jackson’s death, probably minus a small minority of Daria nerds (nerdy girls) who would have commented on the molestation.

Why do they like MJ? Well, one reason is they’re massive Normies who follow world fads. Also, I suspect they like to see a non-White triumph over a White, even though they themselves are Jim Crow-style racists against Blacks (Go figure!).

Now with Black people, they also hold MJ in high regard, but many probably think he was a fag, and a smaller number are probably concerned he was a child molester. However, it cannot be denied that MJ triumphed over the White man, so that’s probably why many overlook his fagginess or crimes.

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One thought on “Tribalism Over Any Ethics”

  1. MJ eventually became raceless. Many people of every race and gender start to look like him after too much plastic surgery. Should’ve kept his natural black face IMO. Not sure how he triumphed over White men. I can maybe how he did it with White boys, though at least one accuser lied. He was more into being “human” than Black or White in any case.

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