Thoughts on NPD

Isn’t It Just Thrown at People We Hate?

Ha ha. Well, definitely, I don’t like certain people, and most have NPD. Well, opponents, might think, “Jason wasn’t cool until 11th grade, so he’s getting even with all the bullies, but his problems weren’t my fault.”

But isn’t the term NPD thrown around too much like incest? We all know the Muslim world is highly infected with incest highly, but do we want that as quick label?

The Bad Feeling I Get from Narcissists

I have been uneasy for years about typical WNs, but I couldn’t pinpoint what was so creepy. Certainly NPD is the major problem. For instance, a major poster on Stormfront now – not sure if it’s male or female but seems female – reminds me of the Queen in Snow White or maybe the wicked stepmother in Cinderella. The wicked stepmother was mentioned on @Robert Lindsay’s NPD pdf article.

But What About Seemingly Masculine NPD People?

They seem that way but under close scrutiny, they’re little sissies. For instance, I believe that the ghetto Black guys going to church are the real men in the ghetto, not the gangbangers.

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