Permanent Ban from Twit (Twitter)

Well, I was on Twit (Twitter) only a short time before I started getting warning after warning after warning. These are all short-term bans of say three days. Then they went up to seven days.

I very quickly tried to start policing my posts to make them SJW-friendly. But every time I do that anywhere, I get banned anyway for some reason. I am starting to think that there is no appeasing these people unless you are one of them, in which case, I guess you know the drill, or you already speak the language.

The first time was a post in which I talked about how I had been doing a lot of reading, and I was shocked at how writers, especially poets, were gay or lesbian and how many were suicides.  After a while, I started asking myself how many poets are not gay, lesbian, or eventual suicides? It’s like they all kill themselves. I guess after a lifetime of faggotry and rug-munching.

I doubt if the gay behavior causes the suicides, but it’s well known that gay people have a very high suicide rate.

They talk a lot of a the rate of suicide attempts by gay and lesbian teens being high, but their rate of actual suicides is actually normal. Yet we hear endlessly of the suicide epidemic among gay and lesbian teens. I suggested this on Daily Kos and got blistering responses from fellow straight liberals.

One was a psychologist. I thought I was going to get banned. It was really scary. The psychologist was extremely hostile, basically called me a Nazi, and said that all the statistics were wrong, and the gay teen suicide rate was actually elevated and furthermore, I was an evil bigot for suggesting otherwise.

I wrote about how disappointing this was to me. I mean I don’t mind if a  poet here and there is gay or lesbian. Some gay writers are among my favorites, especially William Burroughs, and he’s practically the most fagged out of them all! But I had no idea that there were so many of them. I was reading a lot of biographies of writers I liked or had heard of, and over and over, it was gay gay gay gay gay gay, lesbian lesbian lesbian lesbian lesbian lesbian bisexual bisexual bisexual bisexual bisexual.

I would go the biography page and see that say Vita Sackville-West or whoever was actually a lez. There would be her picture. She looked like a man! Total disappointment. Women who look like men are a complete turnoff to me. I twist up my face into a scowl every time I see one. There’s something terribly wrong with a woman looking and acting almost exactly like a man. It just seems so wrong and fucked up.

Amy Lowell? Lesbian. Virginia Woolf? Bisexual. Suicide. Her husband? Bisexual. The whole damned famous Bloomsbury Group? A bunch of gays and lesbians! Mary McCarthy? Lesbian! Oh no, say it ain’t so! I really liked her. It was so discouraging.

I went to read James Merrill’s biography. Jesus Christ, he was a fag! What a downer. I still like his poetry but it was so disappointing to be hit with this gay club over and over. I thought, “Are any of these poets and writers…like…normal? You know…like…heterosexual?”

Then I closed out my post by saying that if I have deal with a bunch of fags, dykes, suicidals and crazies to read the greatest writers that ever lived, that’s a deal I’ll take.

It was humor. That’s funny, right? And ultimately it’s not even really homophobic if you think about it and get past the shock words.

Well, I got a temporary ban from Twit.

Then there was a case in Venezuela of two opposition politicians who went to Colombia and partied with Colombian prostitutes. The whores spiked their drinks with scopalamine, knocking  them unconscious. Then they robbed them. One man died and another nearly did. This happens all the time down there, just to warn you.

There was all this discussion of what happened. Everyone was saying that the guys were taking drugs with the whores and then they overdosed. I kept correcting them saying that the women were “murdering whores” who had poisoned the men, murdering one and almost murdering another, and then robbing them.

Well, Twit gave me a ban for describing prostitutes as whores. Not only that but for describing robbing, poisoning, murdering prostitutes as whores. I was exasperated. Since when is it illegal to call a whore a whore, I mean to call a prostitute a whore? I mean, that’s…like…literally what a prostitute is. A prostitute is literally a whore and vice versa. That’s not even controversial.

And I had no idea that calling prostitutes whores was the new “nigger.” But everything’s the new “nigger.” Every week I wake up and there’s another word that’s been designated as the new “nigger.” Another banned word. Another word I’ve been using my whole damn life with no problems, and now all of a sudden, it’s illegal. I swear if they keep banning my words like this, after a while, I will barely be able to talk at all!

I get unbanned. Then I get another ban for the exact same thing! Banned for calling murdering prostitutes “murderous whores.” Which is exactly what they were. Are we worried about offending the precious feelings of murderous prostitutes now? I’m sure they have very sensitive feelings. Let’s please make sure we don’t hurt them.

So I gathered my wits about me and tried to be a good boy. But then there was some post about transsexuals, and I said, “There’s no such thing as trans people. They don’t exist. Instead, they’re all just mentally ill.”

Permanent ban from Twit for pointing out the obvious – that 90

So yeah, permaban. It’s pretty bad because I am on Twit a lot, and I would love to comment or like things, but I can’t.

By the way, lots of people are getting banned on Twit for saying innocuous things about transsexuals. There is a very obnoxious and vicious male tranny or transwoman who works in the department that polices and bans posts and posters. He’s reportedly the brains behind a lot of these bans on people telling the truth about trans people.

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One thought on “Permanent Ban from Twit (Twitter)”

  1. If what you say is true, I really think Twitter should be closed down. Islamic terrorism should be an option to bring down their servers, and people working for them should be targeted by appropriate squads.

    This social network is promoting Satanism and faked information of the third type. You serve an accurate piece of statistical data about transsexuals and propose a possible rational explanation (as for transsexualism being not a sexual preference but a mental challenge translating into typically related physical side-effects), and you get banned.

    That’s a behaviour of religious terrorist group: we imagine only webpages belonging to cults behaving that way. Twitter should be banned until they redefine what they are on a more explicitly sectarian basis.

    Anyway, Macron’s France has just passed a law (the Avia law and the Schiappa law) in which anti-Zionism defined as opposition to the government of Israel is a fledgling for antisemitism, and anti-pedophilia “the supreme stage of antisemitism”: if it can be proven statically that your opinion on any subject is typical of antisemitic clienteles, then you can sued as such.

    This country is responsible for 97% of acts of Web censorship throughout the world, and your having been banned probably stems from that country.

    My opinion is that not only social networks who protect such insanities such as transsexuals being superior-endowed minorities to respect as superior communities above all moral principles applying to more ordinary people, and as to gender and race being mere social constructs, but also and above all universities and teaching institutions that teach that races and genetically hardwired character traits do not exist, should be closed down.

    Closed down like you would close down a school of architecture that teaches you nothing about the resistance of materials or the laws of gravity under the pretext that architecture is too sacred an art to stoop down to such materialistic considerations.

    Teaching that the Earth was an unmovable mass at the center of the Universe as they did before Galileo was far less serious a counter-truth, it did not impact as such the lives of so many. Moreover it is a matter of choice of geometrical coordinate reference rather than a statement of fact.

    Putting the sun at the center just make a calculation of planet movements is far simpler. But if you make ten times as long by computing in Roman numerals and choose the Earth as reference vector system, you’re not giving others trouble, you don’t disinform so much as make your own job much more demanding, for instance by using epicycles as medieval astrologers did.

    Telling people that going transsexual is a healthy lifestyle orientation is a blatant provable counter-truth. Telling people that race is a social construct, not a biological reality, is a prowess of obscurantism going much beyond all of what the medieval clerics tried to impose as scientific dogma.

    My own statement is rather that humanity as a concept is a social construct or if you will a project still to be implemented as to its most part and biological inheritance of traits both physical and psychological a reality.

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