Michael Jackson – Part of a New Race of Humans?

Polar Bear: MJ eventually became raceless. Many people of every race and gender start to look like him after too much plastic surgery. Should’ve kept his natural black face IMO. Not sure how he triumphed over White men. I can maybe how he did it with White boys, though at least one accuser lied. He was more into being “human” than Black or White in any case.

I actually felt this way myself and I believe I even remarked on it. And this was way back in the day before I was, um, racially aware, race-wise, or race realist. I think I said:

Michael Jackson isn’t part of any race anymore. He’s not really Black and he’s not really White.

And the people I said it to all nodded their heads and laughed. This was before this latest ultra-radical brand of PC/SJW BS and you could say stuff like that without people freaking out and calling you racist or trying to shut down the conversation.

I think instead of forming his own race though as the title said, MJ simply became as Polar Bear implies, “raceless.” That’s kind of a neat word, “raceless.” I rather like it. But the SJW’s will insist that people always have a race, except for White people since our race doesn’t exist while everyone else’s does ha ha.

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