Is Commenting on Crying Newborns Self-righteous?

Well, it does seem like “goody two-shoes” cunt behavior, but honestly, moms who do drugs, tobacco, drink, even drink soda when pregnant should be held accountable, especially if it’s more than caffeine, although I don’t think people should be “helicopter parents” all thru life.

Sometimes parents won’t let kids breathe, and over-parenting teens can be especially bad. Keeping them away from bad crowds is a good idea, but I’ve seen some that won’t even let them drink soda pop!

My thinking is that kids need to fall on their own butt occasionally to learn things. They can’t be protected from all things evil.

BTW: How Bad is the Newborn Crying?

They sound like their being tortured !!!

Who Shouldn’t Comment on Things?

People who aren’t squeaky clean themselves!

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