Daria Nerds

That show was spinoff from Beavis and Butthead, my favorite show as a teen (the early 90s). It commented on the typical nerd/lesbian girls in college/high school. However, how true was it to the stereotype?

Another spin-off was King of the Hill. It was massively anti-White -so it’s not a surprise that Jews promoted it – but the masses loved it, and rightly so!

Finally, another spin-off was a lesser known show, The Goode Family, that never became popular. It focused on making fun of liberals.  Was that a Jewish plot?

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2 thoughts on “Daria Nerds”

  1. Viewers sure do love racist White male characters. Archie Bunker, Cartman Hanks, Hill’s dad. Truth is big bad Whitey enthralls even his most ardent haters and is often the most beloved character.

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