Paul McCartney, “Too Many People”

Paul McCartney, “Too Many People” from Ram (1971). This was his second solo album. It was seriously panned when it first came out but it has subsequently undergone a reassessment along with a lot of his solo material and it is more appreciated nowadays. I must say that Paul’s guitar solo on there is one for the ages. I would even call it timeless, at the risk of pretension.

A very nice song. This song was an attack on John Lennon. Lennon followed it with, “How Do You Sleep?”, an attack on Paul. Paul responded later on the Wings album Wild Life with “Dear Friend,” a peace offering to John.

The feud between Paul and John broke up the band. Two huge egos. Furthermore, this is little known, but John was probably a pathological narcissist. Yoko was a lot saner. He was a great artist but he wasn’t the most wonderful human being.

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One thought on “Paul McCartney, “Too Many People””

  1. I think Paul was sending a better message with his music by being politically neutral for the most part. But anyway, from John’s own music, it just seems like John was a psycho.

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