A Lot of Artists Are Crazy or Terrible People, But That’s Not Important

The thing is though that many artists of all types are crazy  to one degree or another. Trust me, I have spent a fair portion of my life intensely hanging around large groups of artists, writers, and musicians, and most of them are nuts in one way or another.

Actually they’re all crazy in different ways, but they’re still all crazy.

Writers and tend to be quite self-destructive. A lot are depressives and boy do they drink. They’re introverted but not as introverted as the poets or especially the artists.

Artists are just very shy and neurotic. A lot are depressives. An artist party is 100 people in a house and no one is talking to anyone because they’re all too shy. It’s actually pretty funny. I went to a number of them.

Musicians are very self-destructive, but they’re not neurotic at all – more like wild and crazy extroverts. Some musicians are depressives, but that aspect of them tends to be more hidden behind the wild partying exterior. Still, musicians often seem to be battling deep pain. They love to drink and hey, don’t forget the dope! Musicians and drugs are like peanut butter and jelly.

Poets are way crazy, totally neurotic or worse, manic-depressive or more commonly just depressive, plus a lot of them really drink hard. I’d say the poets are the nuttiest of them all. Are you sort of a weird, offbeat, neurotic, introverted person who doesn’t fit in anywhere and is rejected by most Normies? Head on over to your local poetry reading. You’ll be right in style there. Most of them are just as nuts as you are. Don’t feel bad.

Furthermore, many artist types are  lousy to terrible people.

Shakespeare was a monster as a human being. But that’s not what we remember him and the others for. It doesn’t matter that Shakespeare was a mean old miser.

All that matters is that he was probably the greatest writer of English prose in history, probably still unsurpassed to this very day. That’s all that matters. Artists stand on their art, the only thing that lasts. That they may have been crappy people is lamentable, but it that’s not why we remember them and ultimately it’s simply not important.

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5 thoughts on “A Lot of Artists Are Crazy or Terrible People, But That’s Not Important”

  1. I think the ancient Romans had it right. They regarded artists, musicians, and entertainers as being on the same level of respectability as prostitutes. Fast forward to today and our Clown World mass culture worships these people as saints.

    Imagine the absurdity of some well-known gladiator from 2,000 years ago having the ultimate hubris that would lead him to believe that he is somehow qualified dispense moral/ethical guidance to the masses. LMAO

  2. You get away with more stuff if you’re a celebrity. Not all, but many will give you a free pass, especially your fans. I’m guilty too.

    Think of Michael Jackson. Your ordinary Joe would be crucified and hardly liked by anyone except by lowlifes if he did that stuff. Many “good” people like M.J despite his actions.

    I like Kevin Spacey as an actor and enjoy many of his movies despite his penchant of grabbing dicks of total strangers.

    1. South Koreans worship MJ – for instance, except a few thinking nerdy ones. This one teen-girl commented he was a psycho (because of the molestation thing).

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