Why Do Some Normies Seem So Stupid about Racial Matters?

The stereotype is often justified because while Normies put down White malignant narcissists (those scary skinheads, KKK, etc.) – and rightly so – they ignore the Black/Latino kind. In fact, they make excuses for the Black and Latino kind by bringing up typical liberal arguments, and of course they don’t have to live around them anyway!

They also might think gangbangers can be cured, but if they can, then can’t these evil WN’s they hate so much also be cured? The fact remains that nobody can cure these bad boys (and bad girls, if you want to be truly honest about it).

Why Are Inner Cities Infected with Psychos?

There are all sorts of arguments about IQ and the like, and that does matter, but let’s face it, one-parent homes are simply malignant narcissist breeding grounds. You’ve got some truly abandoned kids, and they never learn how to be a man.


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3 thoughts on “Why Do Some Normies Seem So Stupid about Racial Matters?”

  1. Although I am a non-Marxist communist by political-economic rationality, I am also a pessimistic misanthrope (a la Georges Palante). When it comes to race realism, the fact is that Normies are not part of my race. It’s easier to talk to some WigNat meth dealer than to your average shitlib or (R)/(D) TVRace imbecile any day. I just don’t care about these people and think, and any society they have a say in will always be trash and controlled by a tiny minority of sociopaths.

    They’re not just stupid herd animals, they can’t even figure out how to advance their own interests. These people derail any attempts to have a serious conversation online by name-calling, shitposting low-info memes and sending emojis. Normies aren’t people, they’re cancer, and until some kind of apocalypse destroys these dysgenic imbeciles or Chinese eugenics become a universal practice, I just don’t see the point of any kind of activism. I will remain in antisocial isolation talking exclusively to autistic men on the far right of the bell curve and blocking everyone else.

    Sometimes Normies try to add me as a contact on social media, and it’s straight to the gulag for them. I know this is a weird thing for an ultra-leftist to say, but I have no sympathy for the masses and their exploitation is basically their own fault. In principle I am against abusing retarded people, but when they want to beat you up for trying to protect them, we get into Matrix territory: anyone who isn’t above this tribal social signaling garbage is the enemy.

    And this is where the Right is far more realistic. They may be shitty authoritarians who want to enslave poor people, but they’re absolutely correct that this is the normal way for society to function because the masses have no agency or ideas and act on nothing but conformity and feelings.

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