Alt Left: The Pro-Israel Project in the US Involves a Lot of US Gentiles Too

Mithridates: Yeah, basically Soleimani’s high crime was being a major thorn in the side of Israel.

I honestly think that’s the real reason he was killed. However, it’s not just a Jew thing. Pompeo is the one who convinced Trump to kill Soleimani, and Bolton had been pushing for it too. Neither one is Jewish though they might as well be. I call people like that Judaized Gentiles. Both men support Israel more than your average Jew does.

That’s the thing: the Israel thing is not just a Jew thing. A lot of Gentiles are in on this Israel project too, and they are doing it because they want to, not because some Jew put a gun to their head.

That’s why I say that the US is a Jewish country, or more properly a “Jewish” country. The Jews are all Jews, and the Gentiles are all Jews too (Judaized Gentiles).

That’s why I say there will never be a Nazi revolt here. I mean Alex Linder and his pals could decide to start killing Jews, but the problem is that they would have to start with their White nationalist buddies, who in my opinion are basically “Jewish” (Judaized) themselves. So the Nazi revolution would ultimately be suicidal.

We are not Jews de jure obviously and maybe not even de facto. Americans are Jewish “in spirit.” It’s a tough concept to get your mind around, but if you study Jews long enough, maybe you can figure it out.

I dated an Iranian Assyrian Christian woman once. She was pretty into being Christian. Like, as in the kids went to Christian classes after school, like that. She was emphatic that America was not a Christian country. She said:

No, America is not a Christian country. America is a Jewish country. All you care about is money here. You worship money. That’s not Christianity. That’s Judaism.

I actually think she was right. We are all Jews now! Face it, guys. We’re all a bunch of kikes! You, me, and everyone else. Get used to it.

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2 thoughts on “Alt Left: The Pro-Israel Project in the US Involves a Lot of US Gentiles Too”

  1. The Jews promoted a multiracial nation sometimes a little too much, I think. But promoting the integration with Blacks was a good thing, I think, assuming Blacks are a reduced number.

  2. Americans, generally dumb. Jews, generally smart. You don’t want Jews to have power. Jew are blamers that feel they can do no wrong. I’ve seen Uber drivers abandon them a couple times. I said something like, “They couldn’t find you?” to the woman, and she jumped on it, saying, “They screwed up, they can’t do this, etc.” (((They))) love the word “they”.

    I take Jewish women as more unfiltered and crazy than the men. Obsessive and will not let things go – this is unhealthy for the vessel.

    I feel if you admit guilt or show vulnerability to them, they will latch on to you in agreement, “Yes, you should be ashamed,” and lick your tears. No uplifting or quarter given. Never satisfied, they want more and more of Palestine. If you give Jews an inch, they will take miles. Let part of them into your soft heart or mind, they’ll take as much as they can from you in mind, body, and soul.

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