The Idea of Uncleanness or Contamination in Muslims, Jews, and Roma

By the way, this Middle Eastern Christian woman I referred to in the previous post didn’t like Muslims much at all. But she didn’t like Israel either. And I think she wasn’t ecstatic about Jews either.

American Zionists and Islamophobes probably jump for joy when they find a Middle Eastern Christian who doesn’t like Muslims. They think they’ve got a pal. Whoops, nope. I guarantee you that most Middle Eastern Christians who don’t like Muslims too much, also:

  • Hate Israel
  • Are not real keen on Jews

Anyway, this woman said that the Muslims had not been kind to her people. In the market in Urmia, Iran, where she was from, they don’t want the Christians to touch the bread. They think any food that a Christian touches is basically contaminated or unclean.

The Iranians have a similar attitude towards Iranian Jews – an uncleanness view. The Iranian state actually tries to promote positive attitudes towards the Iranian Jews. The Iranian Jews live pretty well and are well-protected by the state. They have two seats set aside for them in the Iranian Parliament, even though with a population of 6,000, they barely deserve even one seat.

A delegation of Iranian Jews accompanied “Nazi” Ahmadinejad to the US when he came for a visit. He’s obviously a real Nazi out to kill all the Jews if he invited a bunch of Jews to travel with him! However, despite the state’s efforts, old habits of Iranian Muslims for dealing with Jews (and Christians) die hard.

What’s interesting is that Jews themselves had ideas like this for a very long time. What do you think the Kosher rules about food are all about? They are all about cleanness and uncleanness or contamination. It’s also interesting that Gypsies (Roma) have the same ideas. According to them all non-Roma are unclean or contaminated.

This idea that the other people are unclean doesn’t seem to be a great idea for a group to have because the group that contends that all of the outgroup (everyone who’s not us) is contaminated or unclean seems to have a hostile attitude towards the outgroup (duh), and they also seem to have a tendency to con and rip off the outgroup (Jews and Roma).

“Everyone who’s not us is unclean or contaminated” doesn’t seem to be a real great way of looking at the world. Ultimately it is just tribalism though, the classic human instinct that’s good and bad, mostly bad in my opinion. By the way,  all of this SJW stuff is nothing but tribalist bullshit.

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10 thoughts on “The Idea of Uncleanness or Contamination in Muslims, Jews, and Roma”

  1. Well, sometimes having standards can save some heartache. I mean, a Jehovah’s Witness daughter isn’t going to get tattoos, get on drugs, etc. because her family sheltered her via the clean/unclean idea.

    1. Jews aren’t supposed to get tattooed. Some Jewish women are so hot – that slightly tanned skin. I’m not into tattoos on girls. Their natural skin is more attractive.

  2. They say SJWs just traded the “Master Race” in for Coloreds. I think sadistic racism is wrong. Jews and NS Germans get a lot of visceral blind hatred.

    “German women deserved to be raped and nailed to barn doors for target practice. They were Nazis!”, dancing like an Israeli on 9/11, or cheering when innocent kids of another faith are killed in the Middle East. Once you cross that line you are among the worst you hate, but a lot of NS and Jews were above such sadistic hatred.

    1. Blacks in a sense are a master race, apart from their minds. They were literally bred like that as that sportscaster got banned for saying.

      1. Did slavemasters literally breed Blacks for brawn and muscles, though? Are US Blacks really stronger than Blacks in Africa?

  3. I actually trust Kosher food more. Higher standards for the in group I suppose. Jews have a knack for losing non-Jewish pals.

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