How I Get My Information about the Iran Conflict

SHI: Someone who didn’t know you better would argue this sensationalist stuff were lies. But this is exactly what the Iranian story is at the moment. I Imagine no one wants to believe your side of the story; now imagine it’s the entire nation that are considered liars. Must suck for them.

I’ve been studying this whole thing very deeply since it started up. That doesn’t make me right, but maybe people should listen to me. I was deeply concerned about the allegations against Soleimani, so I looked into them intensively. I was worried about how true they might be.

But some of the stuff I got from a journalist I know who has deep connections with the upper levels of the Iranian and Iraqi governments, the Houthis, Hezbollah, and the Resistance in general. He told me:

Iran was not involved in any of the rocket attacks on US bases. Iran was not involved in the Embassy swarming. He said both were local decisions by the militias.

Qods Force was not planning any attacks on the US, much less blowing up four embassies.

None of the “proxies” take orders from Iran. He said Iran might give them advice, money, and arms, but they get to do what they want. If they are going to do anything totally crazy, they are expected to run it by Iran first and get permission. He also said that Iran may give them a range of options to choose from in terms of military choices, but it’s up to them to decide which to choose.

At times, Iran will help them carry out attacks, but not always. For instance, Iran spent four months helping the Houthis plan and carry out the attack on the Saudi oil fields.

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One thought on “How I Get My Information about the Iran Conflict”

  1. Robert,

    The modern nation-state of Iran is the linear descendant and spiritual successor of the mighty Persian Empires of a forgotten era. Giants such as Cyrus the Great, Darius, and Xerxes once ruled that land. The Parthian and Sassanid eras are a golden chapter in human civilization.

    Persia was a cradle of science in ancient times. Did you know they invented the first wind power machines?

    Some of the deepest philosophies about the human condition have been conceived in the Persian language. The poems of Rumi encapsulate the greatest achievements of the medieval civilization in Central Asia -South Asia regions.

    The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyam were the first thoughts that started the skepticism vs. religion debate preceding Immanuel Kant and other Western thinkers by at least four centuries.

    The “Arabian” nights aren’t really Arabic in their origin – they come from Iran. The Bedouins (forefathers of modern Gulf Arabs) were way too dumb to think originally.

    Iran was the bridge between the Orient and the Western world for centuries.

    Even today, the Persian language is official in the neighborhood of Iran. Dari, a variant of Persian, is official in Afghanistan. Tajik, another variant of Persian is official in Tajikistan. The Azeris of Azerbaijan, the Balochs of Pakistan, even the Punjabis and Kashmiris have been influenced by Iranian spoken tongues.

    Urdu has been as heavily influenced by Persian as English by French.

    Sadly, Iran is a pariah state and the people of this great nation are treated as scumbags in the Western world. And there’s only one reason: Islam.

    Unfortunately, the Iranians can’t shake away the hold of the religion of the moon worshipers. Although most Iranians you meet outside their country have exactly zero belief in Islam, that religion holds sway in their motherland.

    But it might be temporary. I think most Iranians may have been fed up of Islam already. It has to be given some time.

    The US and Israel should really back off now. Destabilizing Iran through another “freedom war” will destabilize the entire Middle East.

    I hope Iran returns some collateral damage to the bastardized nation of Israel. I mean if they’re going down eventually, they might as well take that rogue nation with them.

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