But Aren’t Normies Too Pussed Out to Change the World?

Yep, they are. But seriously, are the bold actions of malignant narcissists going to help? What did Hitler accomplish in World War II?

We need bold action to defend our White women to defend us from anarchy (Black MN)  and to defend us from Communism (Latino MN). Who’s going to do it? Some cucked-out Clark Kent Normies? No, we need a real men!

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2 thoughts on “But Aren’t Normies Too Pussed Out to Change the World?”

  1. White women need special help. Though feminism encroaches other groups, White Western women are most infected. They want Daddy’s civilization or the keys to drive around like madwomen. They should spanked and grounded by White men for their own safety and long-term happiness.

  2. Of course, NPD are not pussed out to do something. However, is it what we want? Well, maybe politicians are boring for a good reason!

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