All Races Have Their Malignant Narcissists

Yep, a whole world full of Idi Amins isn’t worth saving! A skinhead wants to bullwhip an Amin into civilization, but he could use some lashes himself – LOL.

Why would MN of one race be better than from another? The fact is they aren’t!

The stereotype is that all Blacks and Jews are psychopaths, and we’ve already covered White Supremacists. If you’re going to launch a program of elimination or separation, then let’s look at unbiased stats!

I’ve seen at least two – maybe three – Black malignant narcissists. They displayed all the traits of typical White Supremacists.

One of them was trolling a forum and being obnoxious like most trolls. I felt sorry for him at first, but then his bad nature – no wait, I mean his natural manliness – lol – became obvious .


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